Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year 2011, the End of the Mayan Calendar, and the End of the Earth: Three Distinct Events

I find it entertaining that there is so much hype about the end of the world...I know it happens at every year's end, but we needn't assume that the world will end in 2012 just because it is where the Mayan calendar ends. The one thing the end of the Mayan calendar literally marks is the end of the Mayan number system. Funny! No wonder, then, that their civilization couldn't survive. Mathematics are so essential to civilization, for adaptation and every other possible survival technique, skill, etc.

Don't get me wrong -- I didn't always know about the real reason for the placement of the end of the Mayan calendar, but I'm grateful to have learned about it when I did...I was rather scared that the Yellowstone super-volcano would blow in timing with the calendar in question. I'm glad to have been able to stop psyching myself out when I did, though, as I don't need the stress of trying to relocate my family to geologically safer places on Earth within mere years. It is my current belief, however, that Earth's climate is not yet hot enough to cause the Yellowstone crater to blow. That information will undoubtedly be twisted by liberal zealots who want to recycle and compost everything. For having such strong belief in formal education, though, they certainly could use a few dozen meteorology courses to improve their understanding of how and why climate changes occur. While their at it, they should take some courses in cosmology, etc., to gain some understanding of a lot of things that conservatives already know simply because we pay attention and have a better sense of logic.
Right now, I feel it expedient to put in my plug for a great movie, Dark Matter. What a fine film, and so accurate about so many things. We should all stand up to the bullying and ostracizing from teachers and professors, just as Albert Einstein did. Since teachers are the self-proclaimed "losers" in the world, they could stand to learn some things from those who actually participate in life. (I feel it important to note here, that Mr. Obama was a professor before he ran for president. To my knowledge, he never actually practiced law. What a liberal, and despite the fact that he will probably never teach again, still a loser, on so many levels.)

To return to my point...
I'm so grateful to be able to rest easy, that I have more than a year left on this planet before a giant magma bomb explodes all over the North American continent. I, personally, may not be around in 2013, but I'm very comforted to have the understanding that 2012 will not mark the end of mankind on this planet. Normally, I don't rejoice in someone else getting something wrong, but my hat's off to the ancient Mayan civilization for running out of numbers instead of knowing when the earth will end and be renewed. Pretty sweet, too, that they were Christians, even though much of Christ's physical appearance was lost in translation. It's nice that we can trace so many details of Christ's life through the way the Mayans misinterpreted Him to be some kind of dragon-monster to see that the Mayan's were, in fact, Christians.

Peace and love to all who know Him, and all who don't yet know Him, but who are striving this new year and for a great many yet to come. God bless all who are on the earth in their needs, and may we be instruments in the hands of the Almighty, that He may bless us all through ourselves and each other, throughout all time, and all Eternity.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Obama & Osama: Friends 'til the End

Has anyone else noticed that we haven't had problems with Osama bin Laden since Obama took office? It's because those two are thick as thieves: They both have the same desires and intentions for out nation.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Complete Joke that is Kwanzaa...

Kwanzaa isn't actually a holiday.
It is purely secular. You don't get to claim, "Well, one nation under God..." with Kwanzaa, for it being about the African-AMERICAN community. Nope...Nothing holy whatsoever about Kwanzaa. 100 percent removed from any and all things sacred. It doesn't even get to claim any relationship with Life, because of it's complete exclusivity from the majority of human life, and all plant and animal life.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Unconventional Pregnancies

Regarding Bristol Palin, Nadia Suleman (the Octomom), etc., etc., etc... I find it revolting, the fame, notoriety, and just plain attention that women get, simply by having an unconventional - or for that matter, any - pregnancy. How could Bristol Palin, a teenage mom from Nowhere, USA, be considered a star? It's not because she is the daughter of a former US Vice Presidential Candidate's daughter, because if it was, her whole family could be stars.

How is it that our society finds the mother of eight children (Kate Gosselin) a star?

How is it that a reckless mother of 14 children is considered a fascinating candidate for porn stardom?

Get a grip, people! Being fertile, whether naturally or by extreme measures, is not such a great feat. And offering highly fertile women screen contracts, simply because they carried a pregnancy to term safely enough to have all their babies survive, offers them a life of laziness. Women need to be expected to care for their children, and have successful marriages...Quit giving reproductive individuals opportunities to neglect their children! As remorseless as a parent can be, don't absolve them of their foremost accountability, that of providing for and nurturing their children!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Putzes on Facebook...

@ipodwales911 I would take Freedom and Liberty over anything Europe has to "offer." The United States of America began because of the oppressiveness of the British government. We need to return to the America the founding fathers created. Barry Obama has put a sustained damper on so much that patriotic Americans hold dear. Screw socialism straight to hell!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Rarely Believable, "," and its Spamicide

I added a short note to a Beliefnet blogger's commentary but I don't think it will be published, so here's the scoop, on my blog:

It's not just the percentages of those giving and receiving oral sex, but how often they are engaging in it. When you say 13 percent of boys have received it, my bet is on their receiving it far more often than any random selection of girls who have EVER received it, are receiving it. Girls are expected to perform oral sex, whereas boys do it if they really want to.
Girls also have a tendency to offer it because they were forced to perform it earlier in their lives.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Suggestion for Parents of Frustrated Kids

I found this recipe for "Aggression Cookies"...Oatmeal cookies for kids to make when they need to pound out their frustrations. I think I found it on, but I'm not 100 percent sure.

More Illumination to the Skin-Color Debate

As seen on the racist Facebook page "The Grio"...

I understand that things would at least START to straighten out into rightness if people were hired by merit. I also take issue, though, with these skanky people who have jobs but still receive welfare fraudulently. To date, the only color of people I have known who have done this are "black" people. The whole thing just disgusts me. It is truly those who commit the worst acts who never feel remorse. They should be locked in a rubber room. What is the most repulsive, though, is the excessive number of black guys who "have a cock that hangs below their knee," and THEY'RE PROUD OF THAT. The fact of the matter is that a guy's penis can only get that big naturally if he has an infection! And that whole line of "once she goes black, she won't ever go back..." has nothing to do with a man's worth as a lover, but is a reference to how stretched out a woman becomes because of these guys who refuse to go see a doctor. How incredibly unattractive in every way! Despicable! Repugnant! Disturbing on so many levels...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Those Who Missed My Post on

Beth Terry, you don't know so many things.

When crude oil is refined, it separates into byproducts at various temperatures. Part of crude oil naturally separates into plastic during the refining process. Just like part of petroleum separates into asphalt. It would be wasteful to NOT use plastic. The part that becomes plastic cannot be used to make asphalt, for example.

There are many power plants in the midwest that burn garbage (including plastics) to power the turbines therein to create electricity for people's homes and businesses. The resulting smoke is even scrubbed before it leaves the smokestack, so that the gas that escapes from the top is almost 100 percent water vapor. Next time you run out of hot water for your morning shower or for washing your dishes, or the next time you experience a rolling blackout, consider that if you had one of these power plants in your area you wouldn't be dealing with that. Also, consider your foolishness in demoting the use of products that would enable you to have such a power plant.

My dad used to design such power plants. Now because of putzes such as yourself, who insist upon compost their pizza boxes and engaging in all sorts of other low-intellect, "green" practices, my dad's company has pursued such fashionable methods of energy, which are not always going to be as reliable as they would like to believe.

All of you who think that this "green" trend is such a great and lasting idea, are merely "green" as to wisdom.

Quit Screwing Around with the Race Card

To those who have added or detracted from the commentary on Back to TheGrio:

You guys are all idiots. Don't you "get" that what race you belong to is either the Human Race or the Sociopath Race? White, Caucasian, Black, African-American, Native American, Red, Latin American, Hispanic, Asian-American, Yellow, etc., etc., etc. Your race is not a matter of what color your skin is, or where your continent of ancestral origin lies. Your race is determined by your species. By claiming to be of a different race than those with different colors of skin, you are giving power to skinheads and various hate-mongering gangs. Cut it out, numb-skulls. Start being part of the solution by realizing that we all are brothers and sisters.

Quit Screwing Around with the "Race" Card

You guys are all idiots. Don't you "get" that what race you belong to is either the Human Race or the Sociopath Race? White, Caucasian, Black, African-American, Native American, Red, Latin American, Hispanic, Asian-American, Yellow, etc., etc., etc. Your race is not a matter of what color your skin is, or where your continent of ancestral origin lies. Your race is determined by your species. By claiming to be of a different race than those with different colors of skin, you are giving power to skinheads and various hate-mongering gangs. Cut it out, numb-skulls. Start being part of the solution by realizing that we all are brothers and sisters.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Minnesota Professional Sports

Melissa Walters, on her Facebook wall, wrote that we should "be used to disappointment" from Minnesota sports teams, such as the Vikings (which happens to be an American football team). But how can you " used to disappointment..."? At some point it just makes sense to concede that professional athletes on Minnesota teams are just very, very bad at their livelihoods. What doesn't make sense to me is why do they still get paid as much as they do? That's just insane to pay anyone millions of dollars if they fail so consistently. Even in terms of ticket sales and television rights, I would expect my employees to try to succeed at their jobs. Wouldn't you?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The PC Kowtow

Check out "GOP Ready to Probe NPRs Federal Funding" on Follow it up by reading my statement:

So like those lousy liberals to kowtow to the enemy and the enemy's doppelgangers so-as to avoid offending everybody who isn't a fair-skinned person of European descent. Because you know it's only okay to piss off big, bad "whitey."

Sunday, October 17, 2010


I think English is an AWESOME language...we have so many more words than most "common" languages on Earth these days. I honestly wish I had a better command of the English language...Another really sweet language is Hebrew...gosh I wish I was smart enough to invent a language like Hebrew...everything has two meanings. How HOT is that?

Monday, October 4, 2010

A Note for Those Who Want to Brighten Someone's Day...

I started doing the anonymous-Halloween-gift-thing shortly after high school got out, except I don't usually do it on such a large scale. I like doing small tokens of affection or thoughtfulness, many times from Labor Day to Halloween. I include a note with a little poem or whatever, and I sign it "Pumpkin Pal!" It's sooo satisfying to be nice to people on an anonymous basis!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Questions for the Ages...

My question is: Why do so many women go for guys who let them be rude, and worse, to other women? Your man should expect you to treat other women the way you want to be treated.
(Black women who are with black men especially are encouraged to respond.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Kid Who Got Banned From the United States for Life

I'm proud of the kid for using his freedom of speech. Obama is a socialist, and therefore against free speech; this would not have happened during the administration of a patriotic American. Obama is a sociopath, as well, and an agnostic. Similar in personality and politics and mentality, spirituality (believing himself to be God), and morality to Adolph Hitler, he will cause the deconstruction of America. He has already begun his Master Plan. If only he had merely been a serial killer, he would have caused less damage to the world.

Friday, September 10, 2010

To the current president:

I'm writing out of concern about the recent news reports that you have approved a whole slew of really, really wrong bills. You are a sociopath, a socialist, and if all that isn't bad enough, you don't even get jokes. You are at once the reincarnations of Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx, possessed also by the wayfaring spirit of Charles Manson. Yeah. You are that much of a demon. But even as bad as you are, your rotten, spoiled, dumb-looking-eye-browed wife deserves to be married to such a bum.

However, because I am a Christian, I still pray for your sorry, agnostic ass, that it will have a change of heart, or at least grow a heart. May God have mercy on your lack of a soul.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Human Voice versus Human Touch

I took a test last weekend(?), in which a question was posed as to which of the following two choices do you need more: to hear the human voice daily, or to be touched by a human daily? I thought for sure my answer was human touch, but I surprise myself at how many days in a row I can avoid physical human contact...but I read out-loud to myself when I'm alone in a room, not because I'm lonely, but it helps my reading comprehension when I read out-loud, and it's only a couple of steps past sub-vocalisation which I do when I read silently. Frankly, I don't find it embarrassing to read out-loud when I'm alone...There ARE people who should be ashamed that I need to do so, though...For example, medical professionals who were in the birthing room the day I was born, and a couple in a pickup truck on a drizzly summer day in the eighties (the decade, not in degrees Farenheit -- at least not that I can recall).
Additionally, when I write or type, I dictate out-loud.
However, I do agree that when someone likes the sound of their own voice as much as I do, it comes across as rather narcissistic...Although NOT as narcissistic as refusing to treat someone well unless he or she has the same physical build as himself or herself. That kind of person irritates me as much because of their narcissism as for their hatred of anyone they deem unfit to speak due to their physique. (I guess it's rather evident that I've run into this type of individual often.) I realize that those last couple of sentences came out all awkward, etc., but it's only because I had to go back and edit them. I should edit them further, but I'm tired and about to cough.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Respect, the Lack Thereof, and a Challenge to a Formerly Respectable Woman

On "AC360" last night, they interviewed the black woman who called into "The Dr. Laura Show," during which call Dr. Schlessinger quoted a so-called "hurtful" word that many "black" comedians on HBO overuse regularly in their acts. The woman announced that she no longer has any respect for Dr. Schlessinger, saying: "I no longer respect her..." Mere seconds later in that interview, that same woman who has no respect for Dr. Schlessinger, also declared that: "It's time to respect each other!"

Well, good grief, lady (and I use the term as loosely as if humanly possible)...If it's time to respect one another, that means that it is time you also respect everyone, including Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Or, in your previous statement, did you mean that it's time for "big, bad Whitey" to respect...each other alleged "race"?

I invite and encourage, nay, I challenge that caller to step in and respond to my blog entries about Dr. Laura's show and her highly inappropriate response to it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

(Sorry. I ran into a technical issue and I was kicked to a former screen...) cont'd.

...of the word "nigger." Dr. Laura wasn't preventing anyone from protesting her comment; she was merely trying to finish voicing her thought. The caller referenced was interrupting her. How rude. Anderson Cooper's proxy did the same thing to her while interviewing her. How rude of him, as well.

Another point that was sadly left out of the discussion is that "everybody" is not black or white. And furthermore, I find it incredibly disrespectful and rude and ignorant that anyone would call me white or black or any color. I am not the color of my skin. Nor is my skin any of the above named colors. If I had albinism, then I really couldn't argue with someone saying, "You're white, " to me, because in terms of my skin color, they would at least then be right. The other problem I have with the way these supposedly educated people talk to and about people is that they keep assuming that the color of one's skin/their ancestry has any bearing on what race they are. I have said it before, and I'll say it again, although something this obvious shouldn't need to be repeated: 95 percent of the Homo sapien population make up one race: the human race. The remaining five percent of the Homo sapien population make up the top tier of subhuman primates: the sociopath race. Unfortunately, this anomaly is not determined by lineage; it would be so much simpler if it was. Also unfortunately, a human can turn into a subhuman primate simply by having the wrong type of brain damage. This is tough to speculate about until of course, it happens, because all brain injuries are different, even the same trauma on identical twins will effect them differently, in light of their differing chemical intake and experiences. Not to mention that with the way an egg cell separates in the womb, the twins would have opposite side-dominance, unless of course they were completely neutral as per side preference.

To return to my previous thought, however, Al Sharpton also accused Dr. Laura Schlessinger of lying about making an apology (which was completely inappropriate, and therefore unnecessary) before she was harassed into doing so. Does this Sharpton-jerk have a wire on Dr. Laura? Because really, he would have to to know any such thing. I mean, if he really thinks he is so omniscient, he should be put in a mental hospital, certainly, and never given the opportunity to broadcast his warped ideas.

Incidentally, to all those who actually believe that certain overused words should be "retired" from the English language, I must echo the words of the late Bernie Mac: Chillax.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Laura Schlessinger's answer to a caller was one of the focuses of this past evening's episode of AC360. Dr. Laura was absolutely right about a few quite crucial points that the loud liberals of America need to heed:

1) John, the guest host, was removing a very few of her words from their context.
2) One of the messages she was sending with her rightful rant was that she quoted [the derogatory word] from HBO, not her own monologues. It's not a word she normally used. (And Al Sharpton be damned; Dr. Laura was not "glorying" in the word. She was making a point.)
3) Those jerks, both the caller on her show and Anderson Cooper's proxy, were not letting her finish a sentence.

I would further add that the word "nigger" is not "soft bigotry," or any bigotry. Bigotry is the hatred of a demographic in society, not the hatred of an individual, as most people who use it use it to mean. (Granted, this does not account for rap stars, drug dealers/gangsters, or neo-nazis, etc.) Furthermore, do note that Al Sharpton began a rant in which nearly every sentence he used he began with the words, "I think..." It's an awfully lofty assumption to believe that Al Sharpton thinks. He's not very good at thinking, though, and in his own rant, he appears to at least realize that there is not a lot that he knows.
Dr. Laura was all but outright accused of not allowing others the right to protest 'her' use

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

an interesting article from

New OLETs emit light more efficiently than equivalent OLEDs

( -- Already, organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) are becoming commercialized for light display applications due to their advantages such as low fabrication costs and large-area emission. But OLEDs also have intrinsic efficiency limitations due to their structure, which might limit their future development in terms of brightness. Now, a team of researchers has found that another organic semiconductor-based device, the organic light-emitting transistor (OLET), can dramatically increase the efficiency of OLEDs since OLETs have the structure of a transistor rather than a diode. In their recent study, the researchers have created OLETs that are 10 times more efficient than any previously reported OLET, as well as more than twice as efficient as an optimized OLED made with the same materials.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Ring Pop-Style Wedding Ring

I can hardly get over what I just read about on YAHOO! News. How incredibly LAME of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. What makes an engagement or wedding ring special is that you have only ONE of each. Your wedding day is special...because you have ONE. What makes anniversaries special is how many of them you rack up with one person. Really...and there's a very finite amount of diamonds in the Earth's crust and on the surface. If they weren't so very in love with THEMSELVES, they would consider saving some diamonds for the rest of the people on Earth who would like to sweep their girlfriend off her feet with a bold statement of love. Next time they renew their vows they should take a cue from all of these lame-brained liberals who believe the future of energy is wind turbines and simply blow each other a kiss.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Your Trash Gives You Something That You Treasure

My dad works for a power company. They are currently making energy by way of solar- and wind-power. However, my dad USED to design power plants that burned garbage. If only people would cease to compost their pizza boxes, etc., we could create all our energy using our own garbage! Look, nobody is going to compost their maxi pads, etc., and when the super-volcano under Yellowstone Park blows this next time the solar panels and wind turbines will stop working due to the massive amounts of mineral ash anyway, so it makes the MOST sense to be ready to burn our garbage to produce electricity when that time comes...and it IS coming -- SOON. The upper-midwest is almost entirely devoid of landfills because of the line of work my dad was in. I greatly disagree with recycling most everything. Sure, glass and metal aren't easily combustible, so go ahead and recycle that stuff, but throw your juice boxes and milk jugs in a trash bin. Then thank my dad for your next hot shower and that the traffic lights in your city work properly.
God bless us for having garbage, and God bless my dad for his great work.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another South Hadley High Suicide

High school student Phoebe Prince was so tired of being bullied all day every day by her schoolmates that she finally hit one of them back. She was removed from the school and sent home, where her mother had the audacity to ground her. How can Miss Prince's mother consider herself NOT at fault for her daughter's death?

Ms. Prince, your daughter was being beaten and mocked so badly that she felt it necessary to interrupt her peaceful demeanor long enough to strike back. You thought it was so unreasonable for daughter to defend herself that you grounded her. You so couldn't have your child's back when she needed you for all those years of bullying, and yet felt you must best that perfect record of ignorance of her agony and grief by punishing her for defending herself...and you think it was the kids at school who caused her to off herself? No. Not by a long shot. It was you. Nobody kills themselves over the way they are treated by their peers, regardless of how bad that treatment is. Kids commit suicide because their moms weren't there for them when they needed them. I would wager that you ignored her cries for help and attention when she was in her formative years as well. This was just the cherry bomb on her lifelong urinal cake. You're pathetic, and you're an unfit and incompetent mother. If you had had so much as one drop of warm blood-love for your daughter, she would be alive. You may think you lost a child, but she lived her entire life without a mother. Shame on you.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Mothers Across the U.S.

>>Tami Carmichael -- the mother of the late>Jon Carmichael, a badly bullied boy who recently committed suicide -- is pathetically mistaken about the reason her son took his own life. It wasn't the bullying. >Jon Carmichael killed himself because his mother wouldn't protect him from his bullies. Truly really is.
Tami Carmichael is such a bad mother that her idea of "mothering" was to hang around her son without actually spending time with him. What a horrible mother. She was an enabler, standing by idly while others abused her son. That qualifies as neglect. If this had happened on a larger scale, say to a waiting room full of people, that would make her a >terrorist-sympathizer. That's a prosecutable offense, to my knowledge (not the semantics but rather, the act). Oh, wait. It is happening on a larger scale -- a MUCH larger scale. It's happening to kids all over America. The fact that each child is bullied on an isolated basis is not sufficient to consider it any less a problem.
Just because a woman is fertile does not mean she is capable of being a mother.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Irish-Catholic Blight & The Evil Empire in American Business

Tonight on "Anderson Cooper 360," Sinead O'Connor was interviewed about the Catholic priesthood's abuse of children and the truth in Ireland. She may not be a Vaticanologist, but she is not the great fool that the Vatican assumes her to be. The pope has a duty to his people, his victims and his God to admit to his cover-up and step down from his lofty position. He owes this to God, that is, if he even has a God. I tend to think he believes himself to be a god. To the pope, I feel inclined to say: Nice try...Walmart?
Walmart is a creator of a great cover-up as well, however it is not of the same ilk. Pedophilia does vastly different damage than under-buying one's merchants.
The main similarities, though, are damage to children (the inevitable poverty of the children of the subordinates in the under-bought companies and the lifelong psychological damage of Catholic children) and how very widespread the damage is. Walmart is one of the biggest businesses in the world, as is the Catholic church. Yes, you read that correctly -- the Catholic church is a business. They do a lot of charity work, but so does Target. At Target, someone earns a living managing stores, etc. In Catholic parishes, someone earns a living managing the parishes, etc. (I can't use Walmart for that particular analogy as I know how Walmart operates, and believe me, their managers don't "earn" their livings. In fact, they are bullies, much like abusive Catholic priests. The manipulation tactics used are a little different, but both demographics use bullying, nonetheless.)
Now, the Walmart-reference is actually an old joke that one of my brother's friends made up in junior high. It was used in a school play. The actual quote was, "Nice vase -- Walmart?" after which the character, a plumber tapped the ash off of his cigar butt over the mouth of the vase, which was an unglazed terra cotta flower pot. Nevertheless, it still fits. The pope's narcissism...Walmart's cheapness...BOTH are incredibly damaging to society. May God damn them both.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Best Country

Michael Moore has no business being a public figure. His brassy interview on "Anderson Cooper 360" last night was beyond detestable. His most recent mockumentary, "Capitalism: A Love Story," was mentioned, and shortly thereafter he said, "America is the best country..."
America is the best country because of capitalism, Mr. Moore. Capitalism is necessary to have freedom.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

'Cyber Shockwave' on CNN -- Oh, so true to form...

Have any of you seen that "simulated" work on CNN tonight? I put the word, simulated, inside of quotation marks because much of the commentary on the program was all-too-accurate in terms of what Big Government uses as their modus operandi. . .They were covering their butts.

I am just sickened by lazy-ass career politicians (read: liberal politicians) who care more about whether they will be "criticized for [their lack of action]" (that domineers the American people) or 'inviting lawsuits,' above and beyond doing the right thing. This is exactly what liberals are concerned with, especially in light of how their actions in Congress, the Senate, and the current administration are focused around having the government dictate to the American people [whom it is supposed to represent] what they must do, and when, and where, and how. Do I stand alone in asking why?

Friday, February 19, 2010

A 'Necessary' Plane Crash...

Joe Stack has been featured on the news a great deal of late. His suicide note, however, has received less-than-justifiable review. I read it in its entirety, save the links he posted therein, and I must say that I am quite impressed with his excellent pursuit of the "pet projects" analogy, drawing the term, pork barrel-spending, all the way so as to include the reference to politicians and the rich-bitches that they support as "wealthy sows" at the trough. Excellent work, Mr. Stack! ...and you think you don't write gracefully...
I don't consider Mr. Stack's suicide by plane crash as an act of terrorism so much as an act of desperation, and he clearly did so to open the eyes of the American public to the great scam that the government is pulling. Now, I AM AGAINST so-called "universal health care," and I AM AGAINST communism and socialism. The latter two are tools of the devil, the cubic zirconia he has swapped for diamonds at Tiffany's. It is, nevertheless, true that the current regime is borrowing money that, barring out-and-out Socialism, we will not be able to pay back for many generations. Additionally, Nazi-Germany is an example of socialism, and the Nazis made the Aryans of Germany wealthy by stealing anything and everything from the Jews that they could exploit and/or kill.

I do agree, however, that the Catholic Church misappropriates a great deal of funds. How else could the pope wear such an elaborate head-covering. It's debilitating to those whom Catholic nuns are trying to help, and that disgusts me tremendously.

While I don't agree with the entirety of Joseph Stack's final letter to the world (mostly I disagree with his politics...but then, he HAS been screwed by the system more times than any highly-populated STATE-full of people should), I do support his decisions concerning the way he chose to die: when, where, how, etc. I do not consider it a terrorist move; I consider it an act of vengeance.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Makes the Transgender Who is Pregnant for the Third Time a Woman...

Many have been reading and talking about the wannabe trans-sexual, Thomas Beatie, and the third pregnancy in Beatie's household. Myriads of individuals have plied their ways to the front of one blog or another to share their two cents-worth on the argument of Thomas Beatie's "questionable" gender.
I have something to share that no one else has said, so far, and I know I'm the first person to say anything about this because if someone else had said anything about it, word would've gotten to me by now:

Thomas Beatie is a woman, not because of her uterus or her ovaries or her vagina. Any hermaphrodite can have organs which don't match the way they live, hence, gender-transition is NOTHING NEW. Thomas Beatie is a woman because she has no Y-chromosome.

Until Swiss scientists are able to splice or otherwise alter the Homo sapien sex chromosomes on a live person IN EVERY CELL of his or her body, no one on this planet will ever be able to PHYSICALLY change their gender. This does not even TOUCH on the truth that everyone's spirit is gendered, and a loving God would never give someone the cellular gender that clashes with their spirit.

This Beatie creep is just screwing up the temple of her spirit, blaspheming the most sacred and godly acts that humans can ever engage in, and destroying her home and family, which are also to be regarded as a temple, and as sacred.