Monday, November 8, 2010

More Illumination to the Skin-Color Debate

As seen on the racist Facebook page "The Grio"...

I understand that things would at least START to straighten out into rightness if people were hired by merit. I also take issue, though, with these skanky people who have jobs but still receive welfare fraudulently. To date, the only color of people I have known who have done this are "black" people. The whole thing just disgusts me. It is truly those who commit the worst acts who never feel remorse. They should be locked in a rubber room. What is the most repulsive, though, is the excessive number of black guys who "have a cock that hangs below their knee," and THEY'RE PROUD OF THAT. The fact of the matter is that a guy's penis can only get that big naturally if he has an infection! And that whole line of "once she goes black, she won't ever go back..." has nothing to do with a man's worth as a lover, but is a reference to how stretched out a woman becomes because of these guys who refuse to go see a doctor. How incredibly unattractive in every way! Despicable! Repugnant! Disturbing on so many levels...

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