Thursday, September 23, 2010

Questions for the Ages...

My question is: Why do so many women go for guys who let them be rude, and worse, to other women? Your man should expect you to treat other women the way you want to be treated.
(Black women who are with black men especially are encouraged to respond.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Kid Who Got Banned From the United States for Life

I'm proud of the kid for using his freedom of speech. Obama is a socialist, and therefore against free speech; this would not have happened during the administration of a patriotic American. Obama is a sociopath, as well, and an agnostic. Similar in personality and politics and mentality, spirituality (believing himself to be God), and morality to Adolph Hitler, he will cause the deconstruction of America. He has already begun his Master Plan. If only he had merely been a serial killer, he would have caused less damage to the world.

Friday, September 10, 2010

To the current president:

I'm writing out of concern about the recent news reports that you have approved a whole slew of really, really wrong bills. You are a sociopath, a socialist, and if all that isn't bad enough, you don't even get jokes. You are at once the reincarnations of Adolf Hitler and Karl Marx, possessed also by the wayfaring spirit of Charles Manson. Yeah. You are that much of a demon. But even as bad as you are, your rotten, spoiled, dumb-looking-eye-browed wife deserves to be married to such a bum.

However, because I am a Christian, I still pray for your sorry, agnostic ass, that it will have a change of heart, or at least grow a heart. May God have mercy on your lack of a soul.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The Human Voice versus Human Touch

I took a test last weekend(?), in which a question was posed as to which of the following two choices do you need more: to hear the human voice daily, or to be touched by a human daily? I thought for sure my answer was human touch, but I surprise myself at how many days in a row I can avoid physical human contact...but I read out-loud to myself when I'm alone in a room, not because I'm lonely, but it helps my reading comprehension when I read out-loud, and it's only a couple of steps past sub-vocalisation which I do when I read silently. Frankly, I don't find it embarrassing to read out-loud when I'm alone...There ARE people who should be ashamed that I need to do so, though...For example, medical professionals who were in the birthing room the day I was born, and a couple in a pickup truck on a drizzly summer day in the eighties (the decade, not in degrees Farenheit -- at least not that I can recall).
Additionally, when I write or type, I dictate out-loud.
However, I do agree that when someone likes the sound of their own voice as much as I do, it comes across as rather narcissistic...Although NOT as narcissistic as refusing to treat someone well unless he or she has the same physical build as himself or herself. That kind of person irritates me as much because of their narcissism as for their hatred of anyone they deem unfit to speak due to their physique. (I guess it's rather evident that I've run into this type of individual often.) I realize that those last couple of sentences came out all awkward, etc., but it's only because I had to go back and edit them. I should edit them further, but I'm tired and about to cough.