Friday, August 20, 2010

Respect, the Lack Thereof, and a Challenge to a Formerly Respectable Woman

On "AC360" last night, they interviewed the black woman who called into "The Dr. Laura Show," during which call Dr. Schlessinger quoted a so-called "hurtful" word that many "black" comedians on HBO overuse regularly in their acts. The woman announced that she no longer has any respect for Dr. Schlessinger, saying: "I no longer respect her..." Mere seconds later in that interview, that same woman who has no respect for Dr. Schlessinger, also declared that: "It's time to respect each other!"

Well, good grief, lady (and I use the term as loosely as if humanly possible)...If it's time to respect one another, that means that it is time you also respect everyone, including Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Or, in your previous statement, did you mean that it's time for "big, bad Whitey" to respect...each other alleged "race"?

I invite and encourage, nay, I challenge that caller to step in and respond to my blog entries about Dr. Laura's show and her highly inappropriate response to it.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

(Sorry. I ran into a technical issue and I was kicked to a former screen...) cont'd.

...of the word "nigger." Dr. Laura wasn't preventing anyone from protesting her comment; she was merely trying to finish voicing her thought. The caller referenced was interrupting her. How rude. Anderson Cooper's proxy did the same thing to her while interviewing her. How rude of him, as well.

Another point that was sadly left out of the discussion is that "everybody" is not black or white. And furthermore, I find it incredibly disrespectful and rude and ignorant that anyone would call me white or black or any color. I am not the color of my skin. Nor is my skin any of the above named colors. If I had albinism, then I really couldn't argue with someone saying, "You're white, " to me, because in terms of my skin color, they would at least then be right. The other problem I have with the way these supposedly educated people talk to and about people is that they keep assuming that the color of one's skin/their ancestry has any bearing on what race they are. I have said it before, and I'll say it again, although something this obvious shouldn't need to be repeated: 95 percent of the Homo sapien population make up one race: the human race. The remaining five percent of the Homo sapien population make up the top tier of subhuman primates: the sociopath race. Unfortunately, this anomaly is not determined by lineage; it would be so much simpler if it was. Also unfortunately, a human can turn into a subhuman primate simply by having the wrong type of brain damage. This is tough to speculate about until of course, it happens, because all brain injuries are different, even the same trauma on identical twins will effect them differently, in light of their differing chemical intake and experiences. Not to mention that with the way an egg cell separates in the womb, the twins would have opposite side-dominance, unless of course they were completely neutral as per side preference.

To return to my previous thought, however, Al Sharpton also accused Dr. Laura Schlessinger of lying about making an apology (which was completely inappropriate, and therefore unnecessary) before she was harassed into doing so. Does this Sharpton-jerk have a wire on Dr. Laura? Because really, he would have to to know any such thing. I mean, if he really thinks he is so omniscient, he should be put in a mental hospital, certainly, and never given the opportunity to broadcast his warped ideas.

Incidentally, to all those who actually believe that certain overused words should be "retired" from the English language, I must echo the words of the late Bernie Mac: Chillax.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Laura Schlessinger's answer to a caller was one of the focuses of this past evening's episode of AC360. Dr. Laura was absolutely right about a few quite crucial points that the loud liberals of America need to heed:

1) John, the guest host, was removing a very few of her words from their context.
2) One of the messages she was sending with her rightful rant was that she quoted [the derogatory word] from HBO, not her own monologues. It's not a word she normally used. (And Al Sharpton be damned; Dr. Laura was not "glorying" in the word. She was making a point.)
3) Those jerks, both the caller on her show and Anderson Cooper's proxy, were not letting her finish a sentence.

I would further add that the word "nigger" is not "soft bigotry," or any bigotry. Bigotry is the hatred of a demographic in society, not the hatred of an individual, as most people who use it use it to mean. (Granted, this does not account for rap stars, drug dealers/gangsters, or neo-nazis, etc.) Furthermore, do note that Al Sharpton began a rant in which nearly every sentence he used he began with the words, "I think..." It's an awfully lofty assumption to believe that Al Sharpton thinks. He's not very good at thinking, though, and in his own rant, he appears to at least realize that there is not a lot that he knows.
Dr. Laura was all but outright accused of not allowing others the right to protest 'her' use