Wednesday, August 20, 2008

On Daniel Radcliffe, His Disability, and Whom We Should Truly Pity

As a foreword to this post, I would like to apologize for any and all spelling errors -- the spell-check feature on my computer was not particularly helpful.

The young yet rather accomplished actor, Daniel Radcliffe, has made news headlines of late for going public with his affliction of the little-publicized disability, dyspraxia.
While I believe it is crucial to inform all people everywhere about the facts regarding such disabilities (anything caused by brain trauma, anyway), Mr. Radcliffe can cry me a freakin' river about his serious affliction. Shall we compare notes, Mr. Radcliffe?
When I was a young child, I was involved in an automobile accident, during which, the driver of the lone automobile involved was engaged in a very crass, "distasteful," and quite reckless activity. He was not the sole participant, as there were reports of a woman exiting the motor vehicle, and "acting very much like his girlfriend," after the crash.
In the hospital, my neurologist described my brain injury as, "severe, closed. . ." but for most of my remaining childhood, as well as all of my teenage years, I received no medical help from any neurologist of any kind.
I was constantly harassed by my teachers for poor social behavior, not getting my work done (including having absolutely horrible reading comprehension), having "'way more homework than any student should have" (on a daily basis, despite having a study period for most of high school), and sleeping in roughly one- to two-thirds of all of my classes. I was unable to defend myself against this onslaught, due to an inability to think on my feet, as well as my ignorance of the absence seizures I had during normal "asleep hours," several times a week.
At the age of 18, exactly one month before my graduation day (I was still not certain I would even be receiving a diploma), I went to an ophthalmology appointment with (ironically) the same doctor I saw for my nystigmus after my childhood automobile accident. The doctor (whom I bear absolutely no ill feelings toward, nor do I hold him in any way responsible for not knowing the more important diagnosis when I was a child) diagnosed me with dyslexia. It was such a relief to finally know, that I just busted up laughing.
Since my aforementioned diagnosis, I have also learned that I have dyscalculia, body dysmorphia, dyspraxia, and I'm not 100% sure, but I suspect also dysgraphia.
Yet, even with all of that and then some, I still have enough gall to be grateful for all of my blessings, even the ones that at times feel like curses. For further reading, I highly recommend the book, The Gift of Dyslexia. My dad recommended it to me when it first came out. I don't remember the author's name, or even the publication date, which I do apologize for.
Again, Mr. Radcliffe, you and I do not have it so bad. The people whom we should really thrust our pity at are those who believe we are somehow "lesser persons" than they.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Commercial Likely Made By Sleeper-Terrorist Group

I am not a paranoid person. I don't tend to accept even remote conspiracy theories. I like a certain author of espionage novels, although I don't think I have a good grasp of the subject matter. I do appreciate the intelligence of the author; he's quite brilliant. You, my dear readers, may be surprised to learn that my love from the international spy novel-writers' arena is not the late Ian Flemming. In fact, I find James Bond to be in very poor taste in general. Although it truly is common for a skanky guy to appear very suave.
Unfortunately, this post is not about well-written novels. This post is about a Kohl's department store commercial I saw tonight.
The ad profiled several celebrities: Avril Lavigne, Lenny Kravits, et al., sporting the clothing lines they inspired, while marching in a mock-parade for the "Love Revolution," and singing about a "new Constitution."
Who the hell do the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus think they are to challenge some of the greatest work of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America? I find it ironic that a collective of young-putz singer-songwriters want to spew lugies all over their freedom of speech. If they really want to rape one of our nation's greatest accomplishments, I "get" why they wear sunglasses when in public. The mere fact that Kohl's would sponsor such a shamefully irresponsible, even dangerous, spectacle on national television incenses my very sensibilities.
This is scarier than Walmart's blatant and willful abuse of U.S. labor laws, and the fact that they actively seek to hire people who are highly unlikely to be aware that such laws exist to protect them when Walmart terminates them for the completely asinine reasons it fires people over. (I tend to compare Wally-World to the Nazi regime of the 1930s and 1940s. Its shockingly accurate! [I'd bet money they'll see this and file a lawsuit against me. I hope they learned not to screw me over ever again. They withheld my final paycheck until I signed a falsified statement pertaining to my termination of employment. I've been waiting to get a piece of them since 2005, and given the opportunity, I will gut that company with my teeth.])
Again, I digress. After all, this about the political and social cowardice of Kohl's, not the ethical bankruptcy of the crocodillian superstore.
I've always enjoyed shopping at Kohl's. I just don't think that will be a possibility in the future. Anytime someone or something is touched by the P.C.-superbug, I really worry about the future of our nation.
I really wonder if there's any way to stop the death of our freedom, our world.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Real Threat: Sociopaths

I am aware of what I have written about race. However, I have left one boulder unturned. Or, to be more accurate, since this is so absolutely fundamental: one tectonic plate unturned. There is a potion of the world I have previously neglected to include in my blog, and I have done so intentionally. There is one demographic belonging to our species who are not human. Except for their physical appearance, they are, in fact, members of the animal kingdom. I refer you, my friends and neighbors, to the subspecies of sociopaths.
Author Martha Stout, Ph.D., would have you believe that only four percent of us are actually sociopaths. She would even have you believe that they are people. However, I assure you: they make up more than four percent of the homo sapien population, and I can say with absolute certainty that they are not people.
Now, don't misunderstand me: I am not suggesting that we can hunt them down or force them into reproductive sterilization. We obviously can't take on such a project, and for multiple reasons. To begin with, who would be entrusted to be the Judge? After all, such a movement would render us a totalitarian society, and these putzes make up such groups almost entirely. But not all of them belong to fascist groups. A lot of them are those whose hands you may shake at church meetings. There is a great deal of them in caregiving jobs as well. I've seen them in action in such jobs. I have given some very detailed reports of such animals in caregiving settings. Their bosses often make retorts such as: "It is being investigated," (which is a lie), or "Who are you to complain. . .?" (which is intended to belittle, menace and mislead). Later, they may say, "I don't want to get sued. . ." (Maybe they should have taken more care in the hiring process in the first place.) The real reason is often that there are not a lot of people willing to take on care giving jobs, and the other real reason: What do they care? They hate having to come in contact with disabled people for 40 to 60 hours a week, too. Why should they want to concern themselves with their clients' being verbally, emotionally, and sexually abused? Unless there are multiple witnesses and substantial documentation by other staff members, the boss doesn't have to fire anyone. If nobody gets fired, the boss doesn't have to deal with any displeasurable civil suits. If the complaints and reports are not filed, the boss and his or her gang will face no criminal charges. Not to mention that if the boss harasses and/or threatens the client to keep his or her mouth shut about the incident(s), none of the other clients will know to "watch out for that one. . ."
I could name a lot of names. I could cite several companies. It would feel great to finally see animals treated like animals. But alas! If animals were treated as lesser beings than humans, PETA would want to have a piece of us, on a bun smothered with Swiss cheese and horseradish, with au jus for dipping.

The All-American Book-Burners

By my senior year in high school, I had already taken basically all of the elective classes I found even remotely interesting, except for AP calculus, which I wanted to take only because I heard tales of the thoroughly entertaining instructor. So I was forced to take almost a full load of really BAD electives, including a brand new class called, "Multicultural Perspectives." It was taught by one Mrs. Hoffman, whom I had had the misfortune of bearing the presence of for two previous classes.
So I thought, okay, maybe this won't be completely terrible. Although Mrs. Hoffman (a history teacher) really knew absolutely nothing factual about her specialty, maybe she wouldn't be so ignorant about the subject of matter of an unestablished elective course. Holy smokes. Was I. . .ever wrong. . .about her!
Not only is she completely unaware of what constitutes a culture (somehow every "culture" we "covered" was actually a sub-culture of the American culture [African-, Asian-, et cetera]), there was an unrealistic and unfair imbalance on the female side of each of the sub-cultures she had chosen to touch on as far as our pseudo-studies were concerned. There was even an over-emphasis on the African-American sub-culture. Not only were bizarre inequalities running amok, the central focus of attention was on the grievous victimization "whitey" had inflicted upon these alleged minorities. (And I feel it appropriate to mention that if these demographics truly are minorities, each of them certainly makes a cacophonous shriek of "INUSTICE! INEQUALITY! WORSHIP US AS DEMIGODS!")
Mrs. Hoffman was gravely shaming on a "whitey" whom she had just quoted, as she accused with the words, "That is NOT politically correct."
Well, if she ever happens upon this blog, I want her to make no mistake: For someone who teaches world history, including war history regarding various fascist movements, she certainly doesn't respect the First Amendment rights of her fellow countrymen.
Hoffman neatly avoided cultures in the Middle-East and Europe, anything that hadn't been "tainted" by "whitey."
I can't wait to see Hoffman again. . .to have a chance to ask her if, in world history class the day I varied slightly from her understanding of the Aryan "race," when she picked on me, was it because she considers herself an Aryan? For, she didn't fit the description I gave, and she acted offended. When she corrected me, under the description she gave, she met all qualifications. I'd like to straighten her out regarding the misnomer of "reverse-racism." I would like to let her know that racism is racism, no matter what part of the world your ancestors hail from. In fact, racism is merely a label people use to cover up the real ideology at work in these idiots -- that not all homo sapien bloodlines belong to the one race that most of us can identify with: the human race.

2012: Ancient Prophecies?

Obama will usher Armageddon into the world. Don't take my word for it; read any book about the Mayan prophecies regarding the year A.D. 2012. Archaeologists who have engaged in studies of the ancient Mayan culture, et cetera, have uncovered prophecies regarding what will be either the end of the world or a new age of enlightenment.
Do you really believe that some jerk who couldn't keep his head out of a cloud of cannabis smoke is going to lead us to enlightenment? Please! He was able to give up illicit dope in favor of legal carcinogenic inhalents to get high. Excuse me, for I err. He's not getting high. He's not capable of getting high off of the tobacco-version of deathsticks anymore. He needs them to accomplish tasks such as using the toilet -- ironically, a function made physiologically more difficult by nicotine, the very chemical he's most addicted to.
Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. (I know that's not what Medgar Evers famously said. I daresay, my words are a small step above.) Please allow me to illustrate with a few examples.
'Cause like Bill Clinton proved to be such an asset to the moral fiber of America. So let's hire a much younger dope addict and pretend that he's not going to lie, cheat, and manipulate our very young and clearly very naive nation.
Even fundamentalist Christians have no viable reason to doubt the Mayan 2012 prophecies. The Bible says that Christ shall return at a time that "no man knoweth." However, when was the last time you saw the original Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic scripts written by the Old and New Testament authors? They haven't even existed for several centuries. And I'm sure you can recall the demographic who "translated" the papyrus scrolls and clay tablets, et al.; all the while removing precious truth and inserting their own propaganda. It was the Catholic priesthood. And of course, the one fraternity in the world you can definitely trust is the Catholic priesthood. I've never seen a bigger bunch of good ol' boys. You know the kind: they ignore adultery and instead choose to excommunicate an honest guy for getting a prompt divorce. They encourage pedophilia by having child-molesting priests transferred to a new parish, so they can save face and escape criminal charges in the community and have fresh "meat" to probe. They excommunicate nuns who've had abortions forced on them, after they've been raped by priests whom the Catholic church pardons.
Oh yeah, that's integrity.

Friday, June 13, 2008

WCCO-4-News and Their Politics

Am I the only person sickened nigh to cease my television-viewing by WCCO-4-News' overbearing politics? For each story they cover, they first smear every last bit of objectivity out of the script. The REAL humor in their revamping-the-newscast commercials lies in their claim that what they produce amounts to great journalism. Even considering it good journalism is an out-and-out lie.
Another thing WCCO-4-News is guilty of is destroying a great many people's reputations by promoting the stigma attached to mental illness. The anchors always note that a person who has been treated for a mental disorder HAS been, anytime any such person makes the news in any negative light. First and foremost, a person's medical history is none of the public's business. The assumption that it is would also allow the news to report that a drunk driver had been in Alcoholics Anonymous, or that a statutory rapist had been taking Levitra for his erectile dysfunction caused by his diabetes. As if a teenager with suicidal depression or paranoid schizophrenia doesn't have MORE than his share of social frustrations and hell that he's lived through. Some say that the newswriters are actually trying to help DEFEND those unfortunate enough to not only make the bad-guy portions of the news but to also be suffering from a socially-devastating (read: mental) illness. Sorry: NO. The oppposite result occurs, actually: The person winds up being feared, abhorred, and more socially cast-out than they ever had been.

Mothers. . .

I am very preturbed by women who are so anxious to become mothers that they do everything they can to join the club immediately after getting married. Women should have to take parenting classes before they even get married. It should probably be a prerequisite to becoming sexually active, for that matter. This is due to the fact that a lot of mothers have a second child right away so they won't have to deal with the behavioral problems of their first child. The alleged logic is that if there's a younger child to care for, they can ignore the older one.
However, any child whose mother ignores him in his formative years is most likely to commit suicide at a very young age. The child will start saying things about killing himself, the mother says "We don't say things like that," the child clams up about his self-destructive feelings and then he internalizes every negative feeling. His negative behaviors increase, and when he finally can't stand the way people are treating him, he writes what he can of a note. (These notes appear very disorganized, rather "helter-skelter.") Then he uses whatever means he has available to off himself. Many times he takes others -- who appear to be random people -- with him, first. These other victims are not actually random, usually, however. As soon as the boy starts internalizing all negative feelings, every even REMOTELY nasty glance or slight of any type will become very hurtful to him. So these are the people he takes with him, if any.
Seemingly every other person even remotely linked to the boy (usually by this time a grown man) insists that "oh, it's never the parents' fault! Some people are just really sick in the head." But the person who made him "sick in the head" was his mother, who is by now receiving loads of sympathy, unfortunately. My best friend in high school committed suicide, as did my Spanish class table partner, and much later my fiance. In each situation, I knew it was going to happen, but I also knew that there was nothing I could do to stop it from taking place.
The fact of the matter is that it's the mother's fault, NOT the child's.

Even regarding the young teenage girl who was cyber-bullied by her neighbor-lady, the mother was at fault. On the "Dr. Phil Show" she even repeated what her daughter said to her after she (the mother) reamed out her (the daughter), "You're supposed to be my MOM. You're supposed to be ON MY SIDE!!"

Furthermore, the guy, who shot 32 people at Virginia Tech before turning the gun on himself, was also one of the victims that day. But he was the FIRST victim that had died that day, not the last. For he was victimized from his fomative years. If you point a finger at who was responsible for the violence at V.T. that day, point you're finger at that guy's mother. For, evil can only come from evil, and it is truly SHE who is evil.

That said, I have no sympathy nor empathy, nor compassion for any mother of any suicide victim(s), for she alone is to blame. Not even an abusive father is at fault for a suicide, for there is something very different expected of mothers than of fathers. This expectation is inborn in the human race. The mother needs to stand behind her children, in all things, and that includes giving them attention when they need it, which time is always. That's right; you don't get to shower one child with attention while ignoring the other. When you become a mother, your WHOLE WORLD revolves around your child(ren).
Get it? Good.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fraud on Television

Am I the only one who notices how manipulative Oprah Winfrey is?
Whenever her guest says something profound, etc., she repeats it -- twice -- and then she, not the originator of the comment, receives the applause. Oprah once told a woman who wanted to follow in her footsteps, "You have to work really hard." Yes, I'm sure it would be a lot of work for a human being to become that manipulative. If you're not a sociopath, manipulating the world should NOT be easy for you. In fact, it SHOULD be impossible. But I imagine, if you work at it hard enough and long enough, you could probably sell your soul.

Something else that really irritates me, is that on the evening news, the anchors have a tendency to refer to the FLDS as "a sect of Mormonism." What these people are saying is ludicrous. The first thing there is to note about the REAL Mormon Chuch, is that they have no sects. They are of one faith. The FLDS broke off of and away from the Mormons a great many years ago, except back then, they called themselves the RLDS. The point I'm trying to make is that these wiseguys are not to be confused with the Mormons. They're two completely different religions. KARE 11, WCCO4News, and the like need to: GET OVER IT, and stop falsifying their news.

The Obama-McCain Circus

Regarding the presidential election this fall, when people say Obama is too young to have the experience necessary to run the country, I find it indignifying that seemingly no one has taken into account the presidential pension. Why don't people take into account how devastated the economy will be the day after Obama leaves the White House? My understanding of the presidential pension is that it rather kicks major ass, and I don't feel like the U.S. tax-payers really can afford to pay for a guy and his wife and kids to do whatever they please for another 50 years, while baby boomers who are retiring by the thousands are also healthy enough to live to be 115 years old.
On the other hand, with the stresses McCain has dealt with in his life, I figure he probably won't be alive for another whole decade. . .at least not without MAJOR medical breakthroughs, which we happen to be at least decades from.
Unfortunately, Obama, largely due to Oprah Winfrey's cult-following, has a cult-following of his own. "Change we can believe in" is merely a blind and foolish catch-phrase. If I found myself in one of the collosiums in which Obama preaches his vain and empty speeches, I would hope to find a megaphone in my hand so that I could ask the future dictator what he intends to change, and how exactly does he plan to change it. Because he has said nothing toward that, and I want some answers, dammit.