Saturday, February 20, 2010

'Cyber Shockwave' on CNN -- Oh, so true to form...

Have any of you seen that "simulated" work on CNN tonight? I put the word, simulated, inside of quotation marks because much of the commentary on the program was all-too-accurate in terms of what Big Government uses as their modus operandi. . .They were covering their butts.

I am just sickened by lazy-ass career politicians (read: liberal politicians) who care more about whether they will be "criticized for [their lack of action]" (that domineers the American people) or 'inviting lawsuits,' above and beyond doing the right thing. This is exactly what liberals are concerned with, especially in light of how their actions in Congress, the Senate, and the current administration are focused around having the government dictate to the American people [whom it is supposed to represent] what they must do, and when, and where, and how. Do I stand alone in asking why?

Friday, February 19, 2010

A 'Necessary' Plane Crash...

Joe Stack has been featured on the news a great deal of late. His suicide note, however, has received less-than-justifiable review. I read it in its entirety, save the links he posted therein, and I must say that I am quite impressed with his excellent pursuit of the "pet projects" analogy, drawing the term, pork barrel-spending, all the way so as to include the reference to politicians and the rich-bitches that they support as "wealthy sows" at the trough. Excellent work, Mr. Stack! ...and you think you don't write gracefully...
I don't consider Mr. Stack's suicide by plane crash as an act of terrorism so much as an act of desperation, and he clearly did so to open the eyes of the American public to the great scam that the government is pulling. Now, I AM AGAINST so-called "universal health care," and I AM AGAINST communism and socialism. The latter two are tools of the devil, the cubic zirconia he has swapped for diamonds at Tiffany's. It is, nevertheless, true that the current regime is borrowing money that, barring out-and-out Socialism, we will not be able to pay back for many generations. Additionally, Nazi-Germany is an example of socialism, and the Nazis made the Aryans of Germany wealthy by stealing anything and everything from the Jews that they could exploit and/or kill.

I do agree, however, that the Catholic Church misappropriates a great deal of funds. How else could the pope wear such an elaborate head-covering. It's debilitating to those whom Catholic nuns are trying to help, and that disgusts me tremendously.

While I don't agree with the entirety of Joseph Stack's final letter to the world (mostly I disagree with his politics...but then, he HAS been screwed by the system more times than any highly-populated STATE-full of people should), I do support his decisions concerning the way he chose to die: when, where, how, etc. I do not consider it a terrorist move; I consider it an act of vengeance.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Makes the Transgender Who is Pregnant for the Third Time a Woman...

Many have been reading and talking about the wannabe trans-sexual, Thomas Beatie, and the third pregnancy in Beatie's household. Myriads of individuals have plied their ways to the front of one blog or another to share their two cents-worth on the argument of Thomas Beatie's "questionable" gender.
I have something to share that no one else has said, so far, and I know I'm the first person to say anything about this because if someone else had said anything about it, word would've gotten to me by now:

Thomas Beatie is a woman, not because of her uterus or her ovaries or her vagina. Any hermaphrodite can have organs which don't match the way they live, hence, gender-transition is NOTHING NEW. Thomas Beatie is a woman because she has no Y-chromosome.

Until Swiss scientists are able to splice or otherwise alter the Homo sapien sex chromosomes on a live person IN EVERY CELL of his or her body, no one on this planet will ever be able to PHYSICALLY change their gender. This does not even TOUCH on the truth that everyone's spirit is gendered, and a loving God would never give someone the cellular gender that clashes with their spirit.

This Beatie creep is just screwing up the temple of her spirit, blaspheming the most sacred and godly acts that humans can ever engage in, and destroying her home and family, which are also to be regarded as a temple, and as sacred.