Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Engagement Rings: Size Does Matter - But Not Always the Way You'd Think

I was just checking out's "Stars' Blingy Engagement Rings," and I must say two things:

1) Thank goodness nobody stole my idea for an engagement ring.

2) What is wrong with these guys' visual perception based on spacial relations? Can you not see that a little hand looks really stupid with a poly-carat, chunky, cocktail-like monstrosity on it? How ridiculous-looking! It's not a contest to "one-up everybody else's love" by buying a bigger ring to throw off-balance your gal's petite finger. I'm not complaining because these guys have more discretionary spending money than I'll ever have. I just think what would be a classy ring on a much larger female hand looks like a freakin' shopping mall on a little hand. There's such a thing as tact. There's such a thing as taste...and there's over-doing something grossly, just to spend more money. Why not put away some of that in a trust for your future children's college fund? Or were you hoping to skate on Harvard's coattails because they'll pay for a celebrity's kid to attend their ivy league?
Very, very tasteless.

* This piece was in no way intended to offend the faculty, etc., at Harvard, specifically.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Glamour versus Style

Glamour is great, but why doesn't anybody recognize a person for his or her *unique* style? Stealing a look from the runway doesn't require any thought whatsoever. People should be given props for putting together a fabulous ensemble on their own. No one who has her ensemble chosen for her should be raved about for "her" look. Her stylist is the one who did all the work. Likewise, a boldly unconventional - yet tasteful - tux or suit is by far more appealing than the James Bond-doppelganger, carbon-copy crap that most men choose for black tie-events.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Memo to Ellen de Generes...

Dear Ellen,

Why did you wait to address bullying on your show, etc., until bullied gay kids who've committed suicide hit the media fan? Rather biased; don't you think?

Why do you rave, etc., about supposedly "sexy" men when you're not into them the way your audience is? That's pretty creepy, you know. Is it to see how uncomfortable you can make the men? That's pretty rude.

Am I the only one who is off-put by these gross inconsistencies with your personality? Or, is the very point to be awkward and biased?