Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dr. Laura Schlessinger's answer to a caller was one of the focuses of this past evening's episode of AC360. Dr. Laura was absolutely right about a few quite crucial points that the loud liberals of America need to heed:

1) John, the guest host, was removing a very few of her words from their context.
2) One of the messages she was sending with her rightful rant was that she quoted [the derogatory word] from HBO, not her own monologues. It's not a word she normally used. (And Al Sharpton be damned; Dr. Laura was not "glorying" in the word. She was making a point.)
3) Those jerks, both the caller on her show and Anderson Cooper's proxy, were not letting her finish a sentence.

I would further add that the word "nigger" is not "soft bigotry," or any bigotry. Bigotry is the hatred of a demographic in society, not the hatred of an individual, as most people who use it use it to mean. (Granted, this does not account for rap stars, drug dealers/gangsters, or neo-nazis, etc.) Furthermore, do note that Al Sharpton began a rant in which nearly every sentence he used he began with the words, "I think..." It's an awfully lofty assumption to believe that Al Sharpton thinks. He's not very good at thinking, though, and in his own rant, he appears to at least realize that there is not a lot that he knows.
Dr. Laura was all but outright accused of not allowing others the right to protest 'her' use

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