Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Mothers Across the U.S.

>>Tami Carmichael -- the mother of the late>Jon Carmichael, a badly bullied boy who recently committed suicide -- is pathetically mistaken about the reason her son took his own life. It wasn't the bullying. >Jon Carmichael killed himself because his mother wouldn't protect him from his bullies. Truly really is.
Tami Carmichael is such a bad mother that her idea of "mothering" was to hang around her son without actually spending time with him. What a horrible mother. She was an enabler, standing by idly while others abused her son. That qualifies as neglect. If this had happened on a larger scale, say to a waiting room full of people, that would make her a >terrorist-sympathizer. That's a prosecutable offense, to my knowledge (not the semantics but rather, the act). Oh, wait. It is happening on a larger scale -- a MUCH larger scale. It's happening to kids all over America. The fact that each child is bullied on an isolated basis is not sufficient to consider it any less a problem.
Just because a woman is fertile does not mean she is capable of being a mother.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Irish-Catholic Blight & The Evil Empire in American Business

Tonight on "Anderson Cooper 360," Sinead O'Connor was interviewed about the Catholic priesthood's abuse of children and the truth in Ireland. She may not be a Vaticanologist, but she is not the great fool that the Vatican assumes her to be. The pope has a duty to his people, his victims and his God to admit to his cover-up and step down from his lofty position. He owes this to God, that is, if he even has a God. I tend to think he believes himself to be a god. To the pope, I feel inclined to say: Nice try...Walmart?
Walmart is a creator of a great cover-up as well, however it is not of the same ilk. Pedophilia does vastly different damage than under-buying one's merchants.
The main similarities, though, are damage to children (the inevitable poverty of the children of the subordinates in the under-bought companies and the lifelong psychological damage of Catholic children) and how very widespread the damage is. Walmart is one of the biggest businesses in the world, as is the Catholic church. Yes, you read that correctly -- the Catholic church is a business. They do a lot of charity work, but so does Target. At Target, someone earns a living managing stores, etc. In Catholic parishes, someone earns a living managing the parishes, etc. (I can't use Walmart for that particular analogy as I know how Walmart operates, and believe me, their managers don't "earn" their livings. In fact, they are bullies, much like abusive Catholic priests. The manipulation tactics used are a little different, but both demographics use bullying, nonetheless.)
Now, the Walmart-reference is actually an old joke that one of my brother's friends made up in junior high. It was used in a school play. The actual quote was, "Nice vase -- Walmart?" after which the character, a plumber tapped the ash off of his cigar butt over the mouth of the vase, which was an unglazed terra cotta flower pot. Nevertheless, it still fits. The pope's narcissism...Walmart's cheapness...BOTH are incredibly damaging to society. May God damn them both.

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Best Country

Michael Moore has no business being a public figure. His brassy interview on "Anderson Cooper 360" last night was beyond detestable. His most recent mockumentary, "Capitalism: A Love Story," was mentioned, and shortly thereafter he said, "America is the best country..."
America is the best country because of capitalism, Mr. Moore. Capitalism is necessary to have freedom.