Sunday, April 25, 2010

Your Trash Gives You Something That You Treasure

My dad works for a power company. They are currently making energy by way of solar- and wind-power. However, my dad USED to design power plants that burned garbage. If only people would cease to compost their pizza boxes, etc., we could create all our energy using our own garbage! Look, nobody is going to compost their maxi pads, etc., and when the super-volcano under Yellowstone Park blows this next time the solar panels and wind turbines will stop working due to the massive amounts of mineral ash anyway, so it makes the MOST sense to be ready to burn our garbage to produce electricity when that time comes...and it IS coming -- SOON. The upper-midwest is almost entirely devoid of landfills because of the line of work my dad was in. I greatly disagree with recycling most everything. Sure, glass and metal aren't easily combustible, so go ahead and recycle that stuff, but throw your juice boxes and milk jugs in a trash bin. Then thank my dad for your next hot shower and that the traffic lights in your city work properly.
God bless us for having garbage, and God bless my dad for his great work.

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