Friday, February 19, 2010

A 'Necessary' Plane Crash...

Joe Stack has been featured on the news a great deal of late. His suicide note, however, has received less-than-justifiable review. I read it in its entirety, save the links he posted therein, and I must say that I am quite impressed with his excellent pursuit of the "pet projects" analogy, drawing the term, pork barrel-spending, all the way so as to include the reference to politicians and the rich-bitches that they support as "wealthy sows" at the trough. Excellent work, Mr. Stack! ...and you think you don't write gracefully...
I don't consider Mr. Stack's suicide by plane crash as an act of terrorism so much as an act of desperation, and he clearly did so to open the eyes of the American public to the great scam that the government is pulling. Now, I AM AGAINST so-called "universal health care," and I AM AGAINST communism and socialism. The latter two are tools of the devil, the cubic zirconia he has swapped for diamonds at Tiffany's. It is, nevertheless, true that the current regime is borrowing money that, barring out-and-out Socialism, we will not be able to pay back for many generations. Additionally, Nazi-Germany is an example of socialism, and the Nazis made the Aryans of Germany wealthy by stealing anything and everything from the Jews that they could exploit and/or kill.

I do agree, however, that the Catholic Church misappropriates a great deal of funds. How else could the pope wear such an elaborate head-covering. It's debilitating to those whom Catholic nuns are trying to help, and that disgusts me tremendously.

While I don't agree with the entirety of Joseph Stack's final letter to the world (mostly I disagree with his politics...but then, he HAS been screwed by the system more times than any highly-populated STATE-full of people should), I do support his decisions concerning the way he chose to die: when, where, how, etc. I do not consider it a terrorist move; I consider it an act of vengeance.

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