Saturday, December 4, 2010

Unconventional Pregnancies

Regarding Bristol Palin, Nadia Suleman (the Octomom), etc., etc., etc... I find it revolting, the fame, notoriety, and just plain attention that women get, simply by having an unconventional - or for that matter, any - pregnancy. How could Bristol Palin, a teenage mom from Nowhere, USA, be considered a star? It's not because she is the daughter of a former US Vice Presidential Candidate's daughter, because if it was, her whole family could be stars.

How is it that our society finds the mother of eight children (Kate Gosselin) a star?

How is it that a reckless mother of 14 children is considered a fascinating candidate for porn stardom?

Get a grip, people! Being fertile, whether naturally or by extreme measures, is not such a great feat. And offering highly fertile women screen contracts, simply because they carried a pregnancy to term safely enough to have all their babies survive, offers them a life of laziness. Women need to be expected to care for their children, and have successful marriages...Quit giving reproductive individuals opportunities to neglect their children! As remorseless as a parent can be, don't absolve them of their foremost accountability, that of providing for and nurturing their children!

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  1. I love it. As a mother myself, and watching these children themselves get pregnant, its almost irritating. I completely agree.


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