Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jessica Seinfeld's Cookbook for Bad Mothers

Jessica Seinfeld is the cooking for idiots and dummies-books incarnate. She is a complete idiot and quite the dummy, if ever one was. The premise of her cookbook is getting your kids to eat vegetables through trickery and deceit. Mrs. Seinfeld waits until her kids go to bed, then cooks and purees vegetables before freezing them in bags for later use as pre-breading-coating for kid-friendly entrees such as chicken nuggets.

She is heralded as "ingenius" for her idea.

If Mrs. Seinfeld had an intelligence quotient above, maybe 100 or 110, she would teach her children that the reason they are not doubled-over, in gut-wrenching pain, is that they eat their vegetables.
Lying to your kids is going to ensure your ultimate betrayal of their very trust, and their despising of your presence in their lives. And you thought you were doing a good thing. Maybe you should get into comedy.

Ricky Berens' Busted Breetches

I hope the Ricky Berens' split-swimsuit shot doesn't wind up on some porn-site. I also hope it doesn't inspire him to pose for pornographic photographs, or inspire a pregnant-Demi Moore-cover-girl type of photo-craze. Seeing that kind of thing publicized is classless, crass, not sexy, unattractive, so not-funny, and about 1,000 other things of ill-repute, not to mention a very pathetic thing for CNN to publish.

Liberian Refugees and Their Understanding of Human Rights

The Liberian refugee family of the eight-year-old girl who was gang-raped by four boys from her neighborhood need to be taught that rape is no longer an act protected by their government, and it is not an act protected by the laws of the land they are currently living in. Liberia outlawed rape three years ago, and it's been illegal in the United States for much longer. The girl's mother protested her little girl's claims by saying, "Nothing happened to my daughter." The child's older sister attempted to make her baby sister out to be an attention-seeker by saying, "She always bring trouble; she always bring trouble," in broken and hurried English. I wouldn't be surprised if the little girl grows up and commits suicide, with such grand familial support as that, and true to form, her family will disown her, accuse her of believing everything is about her, and otherwise being selfish. At least they'll be right on a tiny fraction of their inevitable accusations: a girl's body is, literally, about her. Her right to keep her body private and personal is her own. Damn her mother and sister for their ignorance and foolishness.

Friday, July 24, 2009

If you happen to view the news on a somewhat regular basis, or even just catch the 10 o'clock newscast occasionally, you've undoubtedly seen Barack Obama interrupting your family life with his own running commentary on popular culture. It is just as I thought it would be, that the president of the United States is sought after for his opinion on anything and everything that is totally not the President's business to be publicly speaking on, because of his partial African ancestry. I don't care if he watches a baseball game on his own time, on his borrowed television set, with his own family, but the fact that he would say anything about it on national television just sickens me. Additionally, it is not the Commander-in-Chief's place to buy a sports star a steak dinner, on the tax-payers' dollar, for catching a baseball with his bare hand, and even the mere suggestion of such a dinner is extremely disturbing.
I also don't have a problem with the U.S. president taking in a basketball game, but if he is going to see one live-and-in-person, he should have to pay for all the extra secret service hours out of his own salary; not mine or yours.
As for these ridiculously lavish parties he's having, in honor of musicians, etc. who are his fellow descendents of Ham (Noah's son, from the Old Testament), how very wasteful still of tax-payer dollars, how dispicable of him, and yes -- how very 'racist' of him.

Wow. Some guys just have no concept of appropriate work boundaries.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Racist Programming: Black in America 2

First off, I'd like to make it very clear that the people who create this the type of programming that aired (and will air) on CNN Primetime on July 22 and 23, 2009, are the type of people who create what is commonly referred to as "racism." There are only two races of homo sapien sapien, and they are 1) the human race, and 2)the sociopathic race. I did cover that particular point in an earlier blog entry, but people tend to learn by repetition, so it probably doesn't hurt that I'm mentioning it again.
I'd like to remind people that black is a color or shade, not a variety of person, as some would have us believe. It is unwise to mention the word African-American either, since Africa is a continent -- not a country -- and very few people have dual-citizenship in an African country and in the United States. In such cases, one would be labelled, for example, a Burkina Fasoan-American, not African-American. Even if someone had triple citizenship, divided amongst two African nations and the United States, an intelligent person would call that person, for example, a Liberian-Ivory Coastman-American, as opposed to African American. (I would like to apologize for any ignorance I showed in any mixing of countries which do not mesh with dual or triple citizenship, or with each other. In my defense, I am not a world-political scientist.)
Furthermore, there are natural-born Africans who don't have dark skin tones, and I am not speaking specifically about those with albinism. Many South African citizens, for example, have fair skin tones.
Additionally, there are a great many non-African people of dark skin tones. Most people don't realize that there are several American aboriginals who have skin that is as dark as that of native African bushmen.
To continue my argument about the "racism" expressed by the makers of the programs entitled "Black in America," how are poverty conditions different for people of differring skin tones? Really. If a fair skinned family's home is demolished by a hurricane or a tornado, how is the experience worse for a darker-skinned family who had the same damage afflicted to their house? I believe anyone who sees the darker-skinned family as being treated more poorly (or less kindly) is probably seeing it that way because they want to see dark-skinned people as victims. That is so pathetic that the word "pathetic" should be typed ONLY after having incorporated the Caps Lock key.

Truthfully, those who exercise their social and political power are morally crippled.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Again, the Audacity of Oprah Winfrey. . .

Ms. Winfrey visited a home on the Yearning For Zion ranch to film today's show. After removing one (presumably the final) loaf of home made bread from the giant oven, she called out, "I'm HUNGRY, y'all -- let's eat!!" How completely and utterly herself of Oprah Winfrey to assume that she had any business what-so-ever to command another family (not her own, of course) to sup at her own leisure, in their home and on their ranch. The gall of this woman!
Then when discussing 'The Hair Question' (why it deserves a title, especially designating it as "The" question on an entire topic, is beyond me. In addition, I consider her particular query about why they 'puff out' their hair in front to be a rather pointless one, considering the array of questions which could be asked of the women on the YFZ ranch), Oprah raised her hands before her face and slammed her one, fisted, hand into the other, cupped, hand. It was a curious gesture, at that time and place (the dinner table), and especially as performed by a guest.

I wonder, is there perhaps a darkly violent side to Oprah Winfrey? If so, how can she be stopped? How could you ever find 12 adults who have no opinion of Oprah Winfrey? Well, at least she can't hire Johnny Cochrane.