Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Responsibility for One's Own Family and Decisions that You've Already Made

Because I don't expect the executive director of the ACLU to read, and certainly not to reply to my response to his tremendously offensive call to me to pay for his lawyers to fight for legislation for American taxpayers to foot the bill for reckless women to slaughter their unborn children, I'll reiterate my reply to him here.

Look, Anthony -- women make their choice as to whether they are going to reproduce the moment they hop into the sack with a guy. Because the guy is also making the choice at that time, he, also, has some say in whether any resulting baby should be born. Granted, he cannot force the woman into ending the baby's life (that would be devastating for two people, but he certainly has a duty to fight for the life of his own family.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I just came across the following, on a blog by a military Chaplain, who was given a dishonorable discharge for praying in Jesus' name. It is by one Charles from Springville, Indiana.

This is an expanded version letter I recently sent to the www.whitehouse.gov Contact web link and to our local newspapers. Your honest questions and comments are welcome, if you read this with objective honesty and can prove you understand my point of view. Dear Pres. Barack Obama, America, whose liberties and wealth you, your wife, and your daughters enjoy, was founded by well-educated men who believed the Bible, not by people who believed the Koran. Our American Constitutional Republic, the greatest, freest, most prosperous government on earth, with the strongest military and highest technology, was founded on Biblical principles of morality, not on shariah law and dhimmitude. Bible morality embedded in our Constitution enables all American citizens to treat each other as 1st class citizens. Are you aware that both the Old and New Testaments of our Bible were written by Jews (Israelites)? The Bible is the most accurate history book of ancient civilizations, and describes the spiritual and emotional processes taking place in the world today, with scientific accuracy. The Ten Commandments were given to us by God (Elohim, Creator of mankind, not by man-made god allah) for the purpose of protecting our relationships with God (Commandments 1-4), relations within normal marriages, families and neighborhoods; our possessions, property (including borders) and lives (Commandments 5-10). All of us (you, atheists, Islamics and Israelites) desire these protections. There is nothing religious about them; they are practical principles of life. Several hundred years earlier, Hammurabi incorporated these into a Code of 280 laws to regulate Babylonian society. And 1,100 years later, Buddha incorporated these and other Bible principles in Step 4 of his 8-fold path to perfection. What advantage would anyone gain by removing Ten Commandment Displays from our courthouses and schools? Has it ever occurred to you, sir, if there were no Nation of Israel and no Bible, there would be no United States of America? Therefore, I respectfully request, sir, that you follow the Godly wisdom of our Founders, study the Bible, and do all you can to PROTECT ISRAEL and her borders. They are still America’s best friend.