Thursday, October 28, 2010

To Those Who Missed My Post on

Beth Terry, you don't know so many things.

When crude oil is refined, it separates into byproducts at various temperatures. Part of crude oil naturally separates into plastic during the refining process. Just like part of petroleum separates into asphalt. It would be wasteful to NOT use plastic. The part that becomes plastic cannot be used to make asphalt, for example.

There are many power plants in the midwest that burn garbage (including plastics) to power the turbines therein to create electricity for people's homes and businesses. The resulting smoke is even scrubbed before it leaves the smokestack, so that the gas that escapes from the top is almost 100 percent water vapor. Next time you run out of hot water for your morning shower or for washing your dishes, or the next time you experience a rolling blackout, consider that if you had one of these power plants in your area you wouldn't be dealing with that. Also, consider your foolishness in demoting the use of products that would enable you to have such a power plant.

My dad used to design such power plants. Now because of putzes such as yourself, who insist upon compost their pizza boxes and engaging in all sorts of other low-intellect, "green" practices, my dad's company has pursued such fashionable methods of energy, which are not always going to be as reliable as they would like to believe.

All of you who think that this "green" trend is such a great and lasting idea, are merely "green" as to wisdom.

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  1. According to (and subsequent pages), plastic is made from the part of crude oil that separates into gas. This gas is also used to heat our homes and fuel our ranges. Where did you get your information?


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