Sunday, September 6, 2009

An Unexpected Compliment. . .

I know my usual modus operandi is to use this blog as a safe place to vent, but I would like to share something that really made my day yesterday. I volunteered to offer a prayer in a church meeting, and upon sitting down in my seat, the woman seated to my right took my hand in hers and enthusiastically declared (albeit in a somewhat hushed tone), "That was an awesome prayer!"

Her compliment made my entire weekend worthwhile. What can I say in response? I am blessed to know such a kind lady.

Let's Be Honest About Philip Garrido

Really, Officer Kernan. . .REALLY? You have the audacity to claim that Philip Garrido is affected by mental illness? How dare anyone consider that NOT a phobia-feeding, ignorance-mongering statement? I'm very disappointed with Larry King for his not removing that pizzley point, an overwhelming gesture to rack fear in the hearts and souls of anyone and everyone who has not been diagnosed with a so-called "mental defect" or their loved ones, from the re-airing of his program, Larry King Live. I am so sickened by these high-and-mighty so-called "normal people" who believe themselves to be superior to every person who has been in some form of psychological or behavioral therapy, or who sees -- heaven forbid -- a psychiatrist, to improve their anguish (which is what any healthy person would go to a doctor to alleviate). . .ESPECIALLY when you take a good look around and notice that a greater percentage than 99.998, of the world is afflicted with substantial delusions, that is, substantial enough to twist reality out of their grasp. Unfortunately, those who have proven their unfitness for society mostly belong to the "normals" demographic. They harbor such extreme ill will toward anyone they perceive as "lesser" in cognitive functioning that they devastate society with their little and loud running commentary (I've tried having a rational discussion on this topic with several of these individuals; they absolutely REFUSE to shut their foul and damning mouths long enough for the opposing arguer to get two words in. How very uncivilized of them).

Nevertheless, to return to my accusations, I will remark that Parole Officer Kernan was being incredibly magnanimous toward Garrido when he claimed the pedophile was "mentally ill." The guy is a freakin' sociopath. Justice cannot be served by merely throwing this guy in a cell for life or longer. This is totally the kind of bastard that a just and loving God would put in the Hanoi Hilton.

[For your further interest and an engaging read, please check out "The Passing of the Night," by General Robinson Risner. The account details the general's experiences of worse-than-death treatment by the Viet Cong. For most who read it, it will make them grateful and humble and patriotic. The few for whom it does not have that effect, it will be like seeing your buddy who took the fall for you.]