Friday, August 20, 2010

Respect, the Lack Thereof, and a Challenge to a Formerly Respectable Woman

On "AC360" last night, they interviewed the black woman who called into "The Dr. Laura Show," during which call Dr. Schlessinger quoted a so-called "hurtful" word that many "black" comedians on HBO overuse regularly in their acts. The woman announced that she no longer has any respect for Dr. Schlessinger, saying: "I no longer respect her..." Mere seconds later in that interview, that same woman who has no respect for Dr. Schlessinger, also declared that: "It's time to respect each other!"

Well, good grief, lady (and I use the term as loosely as if humanly possible)...If it's time to respect one another, that means that it is time you also respect everyone, including Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Or, in your previous statement, did you mean that it's time for "big, bad Whitey" to respect...each other alleged "race"?

I invite and encourage, nay, I challenge that caller to step in and respond to my blog entries about Dr. Laura's show and her highly inappropriate response to it.

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