Friday, December 31, 2010

The Year 2011, the End of the Mayan Calendar, and the End of the Earth: Three Distinct Events

I find it entertaining that there is so much hype about the end of the world...I know it happens at every year's end, but we needn't assume that the world will end in 2012 just because it is where the Mayan calendar ends. The one thing the end of the Mayan calendar literally marks is the end of the Mayan number system. Funny! No wonder, then, that their civilization couldn't survive. Mathematics are so essential to civilization, for adaptation and every other possible survival technique, skill, etc.

Don't get me wrong -- I didn't always know about the real reason for the placement of the end of the Mayan calendar, but I'm grateful to have learned about it when I did...I was rather scared that the Yellowstone super-volcano would blow in timing with the calendar in question. I'm glad to have been able to stop psyching myself out when I did, though, as I don't need the stress of trying to relocate my family to geologically safer places on Earth within mere years. It is my current belief, however, that Earth's climate is not yet hot enough to cause the Yellowstone crater to blow. That information will undoubtedly be twisted by liberal zealots who want to recycle and compost everything. For having such strong belief in formal education, though, they certainly could use a few dozen meteorology courses to improve their understanding of how and why climate changes occur. While their at it, they should take some courses in cosmology, etc., to gain some understanding of a lot of things that conservatives already know simply because we pay attention and have a better sense of logic.
Right now, I feel it expedient to put in my plug for a great movie, Dark Matter. What a fine film, and so accurate about so many things. We should all stand up to the bullying and ostracizing from teachers and professors, just as Albert Einstein did. Since teachers are the self-proclaimed "losers" in the world, they could stand to learn some things from those who actually participate in life. (I feel it important to note here, that Mr. Obama was a professor before he ran for president. To my knowledge, he never actually practiced law. What a liberal, and despite the fact that he will probably never teach again, still a loser, on so many levels.)

To return to my point...
I'm so grateful to be able to rest easy, that I have more than a year left on this planet before a giant magma bomb explodes all over the North American continent. I, personally, may not be around in 2013, but I'm very comforted to have the understanding that 2012 will not mark the end of mankind on this planet. Normally, I don't rejoice in someone else getting something wrong, but my hat's off to the ancient Mayan civilization for running out of numbers instead of knowing when the earth will end and be renewed. Pretty sweet, too, that they were Christians, even though much of Christ's physical appearance was lost in translation. It's nice that we can trace so many details of Christ's life through the way the Mayans misinterpreted Him to be some kind of dragon-monster to see that the Mayan's were, in fact, Christians.

Peace and love to all who know Him, and all who don't yet know Him, but who are striving this new year and for a great many yet to come. God bless all who are on the earth in their needs, and may we be instruments in the hands of the Almighty, that He may bless us all through ourselves and each other, throughout all time, and all Eternity.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Obama & Osama: Friends 'til the End

Has anyone else noticed that we haven't had problems with Osama bin Laden since Obama took office? It's because those two are thick as thieves: They both have the same desires and intentions for out nation.

Friday, December 24, 2010

The Complete Joke that is Kwanzaa...

Kwanzaa isn't actually a holiday.
It is purely secular. You don't get to claim, "Well, one nation under God..." with Kwanzaa, for it being about the African-AMERICAN community. Nope...Nothing holy whatsoever about Kwanzaa. 100 percent removed from any and all things sacred. It doesn't even get to claim any relationship with Life, because of it's complete exclusivity from the majority of human life, and all plant and animal life.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Unconventional Pregnancies

Regarding Bristol Palin, Nadia Suleman (the Octomom), etc., etc., etc... I find it revolting, the fame, notoriety, and just plain attention that women get, simply by having an unconventional - or for that matter, any - pregnancy. How could Bristol Palin, a teenage mom from Nowhere, USA, be considered a star? It's not because she is the daughter of a former US Vice Presidential Candidate's daughter, because if it was, her whole family could be stars.

How is it that our society finds the mother of eight children (Kate Gosselin) a star?

How is it that a reckless mother of 14 children is considered a fascinating candidate for porn stardom?

Get a grip, people! Being fertile, whether naturally or by extreme measures, is not such a great feat. And offering highly fertile women screen contracts, simply because they carried a pregnancy to term safely enough to have all their babies survive, offers them a life of laziness. Women need to be expected to care for their children, and have successful marriages...Quit giving reproductive individuals opportunities to neglect their children! As remorseless as a parent can be, don't absolve them of their foremost accountability, that of providing for and nurturing their children!