Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Mothers Across the U.S.

>>Tami Carmichael -- the mother of the late>Jon Carmichael, a badly bullied boy who recently committed suicide -- is pathetically mistaken about the reason her son took his own life. It wasn't the bullying. >Jon Carmichael killed himself because his mother wouldn't protect him from his bullies. Truly really is.
Tami Carmichael is such a bad mother that her idea of "mothering" was to hang around her son without actually spending time with him. What a horrible mother. She was an enabler, standing by idly while others abused her son. That qualifies as neglect. If this had happened on a larger scale, say to a waiting room full of people, that would make her a >terrorist-sympathizer. That's a prosecutable offense, to my knowledge (not the semantics but rather, the act). Oh, wait. It is happening on a larger scale -- a MUCH larger scale. It's happening to kids all over America. The fact that each child is bullied on an isolated basis is not sufficient to consider it any less a problem.
Just because a woman is fertile does not mean she is capable of being a mother.

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