Thursday, October 28, 2010

Quit Screwing Around with the Race Card

To those who have added or detracted from the commentary on Back to TheGrio:

You guys are all idiots. Don't you "get" that what race you belong to is either the Human Race or the Sociopath Race? White, Caucasian, Black, African-American, Native American, Red, Latin American, Hispanic, Asian-American, Yellow, etc., etc., etc. Your race is not a matter of what color your skin is, or where your continent of ancestral origin lies. Your race is determined by your species. By claiming to be of a different race than those with different colors of skin, you are giving power to skinheads and various hate-mongering gangs. Cut it out, numb-skulls. Start being part of the solution by realizing that we all are brothers and sisters.

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