Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another South Hadley High Suicide

High school student Phoebe Prince was so tired of being bullied all day every day by her schoolmates that she finally hit one of them back. She was removed from the school and sent home, where her mother had the audacity to ground her. How can Miss Prince's mother consider herself NOT at fault for her daughter's death?

Ms. Prince, your daughter was being beaten and mocked so badly that she felt it necessary to interrupt her peaceful demeanor long enough to strike back. You thought it was so unreasonable for daughter to defend herself that you grounded her. You so couldn't have your child's back when she needed you for all those years of bullying, and yet felt you must best that perfect record of ignorance of her agony and grief by punishing her for defending herself...and you think it was the kids at school who caused her to off herself? No. Not by a long shot. It was you. Nobody kills themselves over the way they are treated by their peers, regardless of how bad that treatment is. Kids commit suicide because their moms weren't there for them when they needed them. I would wager that you ignored her cries for help and attention when she was in her formative years as well. This was just the cherry bomb on her lifelong urinal cake. You're pathetic, and you're an unfit and incompetent mother. If you had had so much as one drop of warm blood-love for your daughter, she would be alive. You may think you lost a child, but she lived her entire life without a mother. Shame on you.

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