Saturday, February 20, 2010

'Cyber Shockwave' on CNN -- Oh, so true to form...

Have any of you seen that "simulated" work on CNN tonight? I put the word, simulated, inside of quotation marks because much of the commentary on the program was all-too-accurate in terms of what Big Government uses as their modus operandi. . .They were covering their butts.

I am just sickened by lazy-ass career politicians (read: liberal politicians) who care more about whether they will be "criticized for [their lack of action]" (that domineers the American people) or 'inviting lawsuits,' above and beyond doing the right thing. This is exactly what liberals are concerned with, especially in light of how their actions in Congress, the Senate, and the current administration are focused around having the government dictate to the American people [whom it is supposed to represent] what they must do, and when, and where, and how. Do I stand alone in asking why?

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