Friday, June 13, 2008

WCCO-4-News and Their Politics

Am I the only person sickened nigh to cease my television-viewing by WCCO-4-News' overbearing politics? For each story they cover, they first smear every last bit of objectivity out of the script. The REAL humor in their revamping-the-newscast commercials lies in their claim that what they produce amounts to great journalism. Even considering it good journalism is an out-and-out lie.
Another thing WCCO-4-News is guilty of is destroying a great many people's reputations by promoting the stigma attached to mental illness. The anchors always note that a person who has been treated for a mental disorder HAS been, anytime any such person makes the news in any negative light. First and foremost, a person's medical history is none of the public's business. The assumption that it is would also allow the news to report that a drunk driver had been in Alcoholics Anonymous, or that a statutory rapist had been taking Levitra for his erectile dysfunction caused by his diabetes. As if a teenager with suicidal depression or paranoid schizophrenia doesn't have MORE than his share of social frustrations and hell that he's lived through. Some say that the newswriters are actually trying to help DEFEND those unfortunate enough to not only make the bad-guy portions of the news but to also be suffering from a socially-devastating (read: mental) illness. Sorry: NO. The oppposite result occurs, actually: The person winds up being feared, abhorred, and more socially cast-out than they ever had been.

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