Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The All-American Book-Burners

By my senior year in high school, I had already taken basically all of the elective classes I found even remotely interesting, except for AP calculus, which I wanted to take only because I heard tales of the thoroughly entertaining instructor. So I was forced to take almost a full load of really BAD electives, including a brand new class called, "Multicultural Perspectives." It was taught by one Mrs. Hoffman, whom I had had the misfortune of bearing the presence of for two previous classes.
So I thought, okay, maybe this won't be completely terrible. Although Mrs. Hoffman (a history teacher) really knew absolutely nothing factual about her specialty, maybe she wouldn't be so ignorant about the subject of matter of an unestablished elective course. Holy smokes. Was I. . .ever wrong. . .about her!
Not only is she completely unaware of what constitutes a culture (somehow every "culture" we "covered" was actually a sub-culture of the American culture [African-, Asian-, et cetera]), there was an unrealistic and unfair imbalance on the female side of each of the sub-cultures she had chosen to touch on as far as our pseudo-studies were concerned. There was even an over-emphasis on the African-American sub-culture. Not only were bizarre inequalities running amok, the central focus of attention was on the grievous victimization "whitey" had inflicted upon these alleged minorities. (And I feel it appropriate to mention that if these demographics truly are minorities, each of them certainly makes a cacophonous shriek of "INUSTICE! INEQUALITY! WORSHIP US AS DEMIGODS!")
Mrs. Hoffman was gravely shaming on a "whitey" whom she had just quoted, as she accused with the words, "That is NOT politically correct."
Well, if she ever happens upon this blog, I want her to make no mistake: For someone who teaches world history, including war history regarding various fascist movements, she certainly doesn't respect the First Amendment rights of her fellow countrymen.
Hoffman neatly avoided cultures in the Middle-East and Europe, anything that hadn't been "tainted" by "whitey."
I can't wait to see Hoffman again. . .to have a chance to ask her if, in world history class the day I varied slightly from her understanding of the Aryan "race," when she picked on me, was it because she considers herself an Aryan? For, she didn't fit the description I gave, and she acted offended. When she corrected me, under the description she gave, she met all qualifications. I'd like to straighten her out regarding the misnomer of "reverse-racism." I would like to let her know that racism is racism, no matter what part of the world your ancestors hail from. In fact, racism is merely a label people use to cover up the real ideology at work in these idiots -- that not all homo sapien bloodlines belong to the one race that most of us can identify with: the human race.

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