Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Obama-McCain Circus

Regarding the presidential election this fall, when people say Obama is too young to have the experience necessary to run the country, I find it indignifying that seemingly no one has taken into account the presidential pension. Why don't people take into account how devastated the economy will be the day after Obama leaves the White House? My understanding of the presidential pension is that it rather kicks major ass, and I don't feel like the U.S. tax-payers really can afford to pay for a guy and his wife and kids to do whatever they please for another 50 years, while baby boomers who are retiring by the thousands are also healthy enough to live to be 115 years old.
On the other hand, with the stresses McCain has dealt with in his life, I figure he probably won't be alive for another whole decade. . .at least not without MAJOR medical breakthroughs, which we happen to be at least decades from.
Unfortunately, Obama, largely due to Oprah Winfrey's cult-following, has a cult-following of his own. "Change we can believe in" is merely a blind and foolish catch-phrase. If I found myself in one of the collosiums in which Obama preaches his vain and empty speeches, I would hope to find a megaphone in my hand so that I could ask the future dictator what he intends to change, and how exactly does he plan to change it. Because he has said nothing toward that, and I want some answers, dammit.

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