Saturday, November 5, 2011

To CarolR, Who Commented Under: Most of the unemployed no longer receive benefits By CHRISTOPHER S. RUGABER - AP Economics Writer | AP

Carol, you seem like a reasonably intelligent person. So, why are you a Lifelong Democrat? It's 'way better over here on the right, where we live by morals determined by God, not those invented [and forced upon us] by Congress. The types of "people" who benefit from excessive laws are lawyers, et al., judges, those who make a living by suing people. I feel like I can't file a police report or press charges against felons, etc., because I'll be part of the problem of the clogging-up the courts. Really evil bastards are running around the U.S. FREE because of all these idiots making more and more dumb laws that just squalor my rights (as a law-abiding citizen). Just sayin'.

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