Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Commentary on the Crotchless Panties for Seven-Year-Olds Story

Even college girls (undergrads) should not be wearing crotchless panties. Why on earth would it be acceptable for teenagers to wear them? Until one is mature enough to take full responsibility for any possible consequences of having sex, they should not be [wearing crotchless panties], et al. What kind of clueless mother or father would allow their kid to own things like these? And I would hope that if you’re searching your kid’s room on a somewhat regular basis, at sporadic intervals, to make sure she (or he) doesn’t have such things in her/his possession. The management of that store as well as the buyers, etc., should be investigated…I am just as concerned that these are pedophiles, too. Pedophiles ruin lives regardless of what their day job may be: parents, store managers, bartenders, clowns, the president of the United States, what-have-you. They are all crooks and bastards, even if they could be canonized for their other works; pedophiles are demons.

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