Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Responsibility for One's Own Family and Decisions that You've Already Made

Because I don't expect the executive director of the ACLU to read, and certainly not to reply to my response to his tremendously offensive call to me to pay for his lawyers to fight for legislation for American taxpayers to foot the bill for reckless women to slaughter their unborn children, I'll reiterate my reply to him here.

Look, Anthony -- women make their choice as to whether they are going to reproduce the moment they hop into the sack with a guy. Because the guy is also making the choice at that time, he, also, has some say in whether any resulting baby should be born. Granted, he cannot force the woman into ending the baby's life (that would be devastating for two people, but he certainly has a duty to fight for the life of his own family.


  1. it is not your body...so it is not your business

    1. Figures that you would label yourself as "Anonymous"...because your comment is not well thought-out, nor does it make sense in terms of addressing my posting. Saving children's lives is what I do, and while there are occasionally logical, realistic reasons for not giving birth to a child once one is carrying him or her, the ACLU is not lobbying for those instances only. And, for your information, it is not the woman's body that she's planning on shredding all to hell, either. So, it's not her business to be messing with that life, either. Nice try at your feeble argument, though.


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