Friday, July 24, 2009

If you happen to view the news on a somewhat regular basis, or even just catch the 10 o'clock newscast occasionally, you've undoubtedly seen Barack Obama interrupting your family life with his own running commentary on popular culture. It is just as I thought it would be, that the president of the United States is sought after for his opinion on anything and everything that is totally not the President's business to be publicly speaking on, because of his partial African ancestry. I don't care if he watches a baseball game on his own time, on his borrowed television set, with his own family, but the fact that he would say anything about it on national television just sickens me. Additionally, it is not the Commander-in-Chief's place to buy a sports star a steak dinner, on the tax-payers' dollar, for catching a baseball with his bare hand, and even the mere suggestion of such a dinner is extremely disturbing.
I also don't have a problem with the U.S. president taking in a basketball game, but if he is going to see one live-and-in-person, he should have to pay for all the extra secret service hours out of his own salary; not mine or yours.
As for these ridiculously lavish parties he's having, in honor of musicians, etc. who are his fellow descendents of Ham (Noah's son, from the Old Testament), how very wasteful still of tax-payer dollars, how dispicable of him, and yes -- how very 'racist' of him.

Wow. Some guys just have no concept of appropriate work boundaries.

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