Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Again, the Audacity of Oprah Winfrey. . .

Ms. Winfrey visited a home on the Yearning For Zion ranch to film today's show. After removing one (presumably the final) loaf of home made bread from the giant oven, she called out, "I'm HUNGRY, y'all -- let's eat!!" How completely and utterly herself of Oprah Winfrey to assume that she had any business what-so-ever to command another family (not her own, of course) to sup at her own leisure, in their home and on their ranch. The gall of this woman!
Then when discussing 'The Hair Question' (why it deserves a title, especially designating it as "The" question on an entire topic, is beyond me. In addition, I consider her particular query about why they 'puff out' their hair in front to be a rather pointless one, considering the array of questions which could be asked of the women on the YFZ ranch), Oprah raised her hands before her face and slammed her one, fisted, hand into the other, cupped, hand. It was a curious gesture, at that time and place (the dinner table), and especially as performed by a guest.

I wonder, is there perhaps a darkly violent side to Oprah Winfrey? If so, how can she be stopped? How could you ever find 12 adults who have no opinion of Oprah Winfrey? Well, at least she can't hire Johnny Cochrane.

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