Wednesday, April 11, 2012

To a Smurfy User on Yahoo!:

I think you misunderstood my meaning of the word "participants." I used the word, and put it in quotation marks, because I do not consider a collective group of strangers a "community." It is laughable to call them such. GLBT participants are what you "lessers" would call "the GLBT community." GLBT participants are no more a community than all the black people in this country are a community. Not EVERY black person gets their panties in a bunch over the shooting of a black teenager. Those who do BELIEVE they are a community in and of themselves, but they are just a rioting mob, that's all.
I know bullying the GLBT participants is not the same as bullying somebody over the color of their skin. I know of only ONE black guy who actually CHOSE to have his skin be darkened that deeply (it was a social experiment). The entirety of GLBT participants are such by their own, individual, choices. These are lifestyles, just as being straight is a lifestyle, or a subset of various lifestyles. It would far sooner be okay to pick on people who chose, and continue to choose, a certain lifestyle, or subset of lifestyles, than it would be to pick on people over aspects of their life over which they never had any control. GLBTs do not deserve a special day. I will not waste one moment of breath preventing people from being held accountable for their decisions that effect others (and such decisions do affect others). Just as I hold people accountable for, for example, giving or receiving r0@d he@d. Such activities are deadly dangerous, and can dole death or worse to those their vehicle may collide with. What on earth could be so immediately necessary that a guy would have to get off while he's driving, and what kind of woman would care so little about the world in which she lives that she would assist a guy in getting a thrill so purely selfish? There is no day of awareness for protest of that specific activity; I know that. (It is not what people are talking about when they say "safe sex.")
Furthermore, it is a pretty pathetic society that needs a special holiday to celebrate one's ancestry, the color of one's skin, to "raise awareness" of diseases which some consider special, somehow, or of societal problems that some consider worse than others, somehow, and so forth. Why can't you morons be aware of society's problems as you see them come up, as you come across them? And you jerks call me ignorant. Truly, it is you, who are the ignorant ones.
And I don't need to tolerate your bad decisions; I merely need to stop short of taking away your rights, as guaranteed by the Founding Fathers. You can still pursue happiness while I tell you why you are wrong in your decision, and I am well-within my rights to tell you to stop looking God's gift-horse in the mouth and kicking it in the teeth.

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