Sunday, April 22, 2012

To Jeannie Chambers, of Primghar, Iowa

Wow, what a proud, young gentleman -- letting the jerks bully a girl who's already dealing with twice the hormones that he is. And this as his scheme to relieve himself of the accountability of his own, deliberate decisions.  You really raised him to revere womanhood; didn't you, Jeannie?
Furthermore, it is his mother's fault that he offed himself (if that was, in fact, what happened): Nice parenting skills, Jeannie. Way to teach your kid to protect and defend himself, and to let others' opinions of him roll off his back. Maybe you should have taught him to keep personal things between himself, his family, and his doctor, when he's in circumstances in which he would obviously be vulnerable. And did it ever occur to you to teach him that in high school, everybody is ready and waiting to stab you in the back? Reeeally solid parenting skills, you putz, reeeally solid. Couldn't raise your boy with any sense, could ya? With your brand of parenting, your little girl will pop herself off before long.

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