Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To: RAVISH, and other Y! Users...

Disagreeing with a group doesn't make one a bigot...Hating a group makes one a bigot. I'm not entirely sure all bigotry is wrong. I hate sociopaths, so I guess that makes me a bigot. How is that wrong? They don't even meet the criteria for being human. I have quite a strong sense of remorse, yet I do not feel guilty about hating sociopaths. I haven't met them all, but I have been treated badly by enough of them to get the gist as to the fact that they don't care who they hurt, or how, or why. If I hated domesticated dogs, for their ability to manipulate their humans by mimicking facial, emotional expressions they see humans making (at appropriate times), no one could justifiably hold it against me. So, how could anyone justifiably hold this against me?

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