Saturday, December 31, 2011

On AOL: Brad & Ange's Moral Mess, continued

Why do people think that peice of paper makes everything right?? My mother was married 5 times and the only thing that showed me was how to go to 4 different schools in the six grade and live in 48 of the 50 states. The only time we were in one spot for longer than 6 monthe was when she was LIVING with a man. But to me love is stronger between to people when you don't feel as if you HAVE to do something. You do it from the heart not because there is a peice of paper. Oh I"m 66 years and still have no idea who my father was and neither did my mother so with YOUR logic.....­..........­......

cookie7181964: My sympathy for you for your not knowing who your father is.
However, it's not about "a piece of paper"...It's about a legal and moral rite, and the writing on that piece of paper is a contract. Without that rite, and that contract, they are merely shacked-up.

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