Tuesday, April 5, 2011

'Waaay-too-Old People, SSI, and Taxes

@Wild West - It is true that when people stop benefiting society, they have no business collecting any money of any kind. It would be great if they would just keel over and put us all out of their misery. Still, there is no such thing as "a right to die." In fact, we have an inalienable right to life, as guaranteed by The Declaration of Independence. It's true, too, that this guarantee makes capital punishment illegal, and I think that's pretty poor because there are a lot of individuals who should be executed, whether they've been arrested or not. . .and God is probably trying to teach [that ninety-something couple] a lesson on selfishness, but they're not clever enough to take the hint.

However, regarding the opposite end of mortal life, there are not too many children in this world, and in general, those who are well-oiled baby-making machines are not the kind of people who have tax returns; they are usually people who get paid under the table and those who feel entitled to welfare checks to express their great love of cigarettes, all day, every day. There are some parents of larger families, who take good care of their kids, and those people deserve tax-breaks. Just because you deem your own DNA unfit to have a legacy, doesn't mean everybody else should avoid participating in procreation.

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