Monday, January 3, 2011

Memo to Ellen de Generes...

Dear Ellen,

Why did you wait to address bullying on your show, etc., until bullied gay kids who've committed suicide hit the media fan? Rather biased; don't you think?

Why do you rave, etc., about supposedly "sexy" men when you're not into them the way your audience is? That's pretty creepy, you know. Is it to see how uncomfortable you can make the men? That's pretty rude.

Am I the only one who is off-put by these gross inconsistencies with your personality? Or, is the very point to be awkward and biased?


  1. inaccurate to name your blog for intellectuals. pls feel free to begin reading really well thought through work.

  2. And I suppose you believe yourself to have a higher intellect than a high school senior...(You've certainly got the attitude-problem of one.)
    It goes both ways: This blog is for those who actually are of lofty intellect, and it is for those who consider themselves to be "intellectuals." Clearly, you belong to the latter, rather than the former.
    P.S.: Way to be. Next time you write something, please invent a better moniker for yourself than "Anonymous." I suppose everyone in your family has a boring, cliched name...

  3. Please also know, "Anonymous," that when I originally decided to author a blog of my own, I intended to show a family member that ranting could be done in a very productive manner, in a way through which she would not need to harm her beautiful voice, and by which she could earn some extra income. Unfortunately, when I sat down to write my first post, I realized I'd better keep my entries somewhat succinct. This particular post seems scattered because I did not wish to write three tiny entries to Ellen DeGeneres, right in succession.
    However, if you are trying to impress upon me the fact that I would be much better off not reading from Ellen DeGeneres's website...Yeah, you're right. She is 'waaay too loopy to deserve my attention. Plus, she belongs to the O-Cult, which I abhor.


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