Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Engagement Rings: Size Does Matter - But Not Always the Way You'd Think

I was just checking out's "Stars' Blingy Engagement Rings," and I must say two things:

1) Thank goodness nobody stole my idea for an engagement ring.

2) What is wrong with these guys' visual perception based on spacial relations? Can you not see that a little hand looks really stupid with a poly-carat, chunky, cocktail-like monstrosity on it? How ridiculous-looking! It's not a contest to "one-up everybody else's love" by buying a bigger ring to throw off-balance your gal's petite finger. I'm not complaining because these guys have more discretionary spending money than I'll ever have. I just think what would be a classy ring on a much larger female hand looks like a freakin' shopping mall on a little hand. There's such a thing as tact. There's such a thing as taste...and there's over-doing something grossly, just to spend more money. Why not put away some of that in a trust for your future children's college fund? Or were you hoping to skate on Harvard's coattails because they'll pay for a celebrity's kid to attend their ivy league?
Very, very tasteless.

* This piece was in no way intended to offend the faculty, etc., at Harvard, specifically.

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