Thursday, June 28, 2012

Response to Comment on Y! Story About "The Bath Salts Cannibal"

There's no such thing as "just plain crazy."...Psychotic behavior and thought are caused by chemical imbalances, and alternatively, by ignorant cultural practices. We need to have all non-U.S. citizens deported, and discontinue any and all immigration practices. Then buy Mexico, and tell China if they ever want to see a lick of their money again, they have to adopt the U.S. Constitution so their people can be free. Boot Obama from the White House (preferably FIRST), and get our country to the state the founding fathers intended it to be. Put Congress on a permanent vacation so they will stop regulating everything. To return to my previous point, letting d-bags into this country has never done us any good (except for Albert Einstein; he was actually QUITE a d-bag).

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  1. I have just chanced upon your blog when reading comments on the post secret archive and you were berating some poor woman for saying 'sexual attraction is a massive part of a functional relationship', which i wholly agree with and shows a mature attitude towards relationships. A much better attitude than your 'the person you love is the most beautiful person in the world' thought process which i think shows you have a lack of relationship experience and have watched one too many Disney films... having read through the rest of your blog i would have to comment that you seem to be a very misguided individual. You claim in your header at the top of the page to be an intellectual, but I'm yet to see an example of this... you seem like a very angry woman who is commenting on things she knows little about, I'm not from America, but i obviously know more about the country than you seem to, from your 'all non us citizens should be deported' comment - your country was founded on migrants, you buffoon.


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