Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gay Pride Month Celebratory Tee Shirt Rebuttal

 The Cotton Factory has issued an array of tee shirts intended for the celebration of so-called "Pride Month," a month-long "holiday" to observe those who choose to live the gay or lesbian lifestyle.  In protest, I sent the following reply to their email showcasing their pychotic-themed tee shirts:

You should have straight pride tees, too.  The GLBTQ "community" doesn't deserve to have a special month-long (or any length) holiday.  Being a very peculiar 4% who CHOOSE TO BE peculiar (those who claim they don't or didn't choose to be that way are merely shirking accountability for their decisions.  Just as one's religion is one's choice [in adulthood, anyway], so also is one's sexuality a choice) is unworthy of being praised and honored.

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