Saturday, August 13, 2011

Note to Those Who Commented on Eva Green's Photo on Yahoo!

First of all, you guys are disgusting.
Second, Norma Jean Baker's alter-ego bleached her "downstairs" hair. It can be done. It's just super-creepy and a bit pervy. Marilyn Monroe was into porn and stuff, so it benefited her career. But how could you blame her for doing many of the pervy things she did? As a young child, she was devastatingly abused. I wouldn't excuse abusing others, but the damage she incurred was to herself, except for her horrible influence on others, and the pain she caused her husbands (some of them), and the wives of the men who used and abused her. Even the whole famous dress over the subway grate that was horrifying to DiMaggio was a result of her having been abused as a child. Marilyn Monroe was the result of her abuse. It was all she could do to keep from committing suicide. That is what it is, though: Dissociate Identity Disorder, as it is with all people who change their legal names and create a different person for themselves because they don't love themselves as God made them. They should be pitied, not heralded.

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