Thursday, November 12, 2009

The NFL, Rush Limbaugh, and Racism

To illustrate the low cognitive ability of professional football players, read up on the responses many NFL players gave after hearing Rush Limbaugh's comment about a certain NFL player's inability to conquer the sport. Some such individuals declared they would never play for Mr. Limbaugh -- citing him as 'racist' for his comment about a specific athlete, disabling Limbaugh from buying a pro-football team.

I'm so disgusted with these imbeciles who cry "racist" every time anybody makes a negative comment about a solitary "black" or "native American" individual. I am so tired of hearing the same old rhetoric about "racial slurs." I appreciate my First Amendment right to free speech, and while any citizen of the United States of America is within his or her rights to call such a comment as Rush Limbaugh's about an inadequate professional athlete "racist," that doesn't make the offended persons in any way an accurate assessor of the comment. If they are so interested in citing racism in the media, they should boycott Essence, JET, and Ebony magazines, as well as BET: Black Entertainment Television. It is entirely hypocritical to expect to have one aboriginal demographic represented as a feature on the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine equally as often as "big bad whitey," and then have entire periodicals devoted to that same aboriginal demographic. That is true and deliberate discrimination. It's despicable, a common deviance, and very uncivilized. Does there really need to be a civil rights movement for "the big bad white people," that we may reject this form of apartheid? It's not supposed to be about "taking turns." It's supposed to be about human evolution. If you have excrement in both of your hands, it doesn't matter which one you reach into the cookie jar with; all of the cookies will be made inedible.

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